How I Fell In Love With Anime/Manga

The very first anime that I watched happens to be Ouran High School Host Club. I never really give a thought about anime at all, well, that is until I watched Host Club.

It’s funny really, it was the day before my semester break that I stumbled upon this anime. Being a non-anime fan, I was skeptical at first after reading the synopsis. Hey, this looks interesting and so I thought, what the hell.

At the beginning of the first episode, I thought that this anime was so-so. Thankfully I watched till the end as the fun actually starts right in the middle of the story. Normally if I thought that the anime/movie/TV series that I watch looks bland at first, I’d waste no more time watching it.
And so, Diary of A Closet Otaku is born…I do have another blog but I’m kinda embarrassed to post my thoughts about animes that watch and mangas that I read. My friends are reading it for God’s sake. As far as they concern, I never give a thought about anime/manga.

Back to Host Club….the sad thing is that the people who brought us Host Club anime don’t plan to continue it with a second season. Man, I was devastated when I found out about this. It’s not everyday that I find an interesting anime to watch. Oh well, reading the manga will do for now.

At the meantime, lets keep our fingers (and toes) crossed that they will bring back Host Club anime….

p.s- I may not post new entries anytime soon as I’m currently busy with my courseworks and exams. will post new entries during semester break.


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