My All-Time Favourite Manga: Hana Kimi

I love Hana Kimi! I would say that this is one of the best manga that I have ever read (aside from Host Club and Perfect Girl Evolution of course..but that’s another story).

The main player of this story is Mizuki Ashiya who is a huge fan of this high-jump star, Sano Izumi. I’m serious when I say she’s a really HUGE huge that she actually flew to the other side of the ocean to meet him. Oops…I forgot to mention that Mizuki is in fact a mixture of Japanese-American and all this time she has been brought up in America.

Well, the trouble is, Izumi has enrolled himself into this boarding school famous for its excellent athletic track records…in other words, it’s a school for aspiring young athletes such as our hero who is a star high-jumper and by the way, it’s an ALL-BOYS school and our heroine is a girl of course.

Well, a girl gotta do what a girl’s gotta do when facing this kind of situation and so, she dresses up as a guy and attends the school as a guy…and this is where the comedic things happen….

And so, she attends the school as a guy….and as fate has it, her new roommate is none other than our hero, Izumi. At first, Izumi finds Mizuki rather annoying as she’s always hovering around him…she even caused rumours of Izumi being a gay flying around as she was pictured with Izumi on top of him….hmm, who wouldn’t think that he’s gay after seeing this picture.

One day, as she was playing soccer with this Nakatsu guy, she was hit by a ball and she passed out. Seeing that she has lose her consciousness, Izumi carried her to the infirmary and he sort of “touched” her in places that he’s not suppose to touch. That’s pretty much sums up how he eventually found out about her true gender. But somehow, he ended up keeping her secret and as most shoujo manga heroes, he ended up rescuing her in countless of incidents that might reveal her secret to the world.

Now, Mizuki doesn’t know that Izumi knew about her true gender and boy, will she flip when she finds out about it….laugh out loud…

Like typical shoujo mangas out there in the market, Izumi falls in love with our heroine and they live happily ever after!

Characters to drool over:

  • Sano Izumi (man, he’s one heck of a hottie!)
  • Nanba Minami (basically, he inherits his good looks from his parents…his family after all, are beautiful)
  • Umeda Hokuto (he’s the school doctor….and his quite a looker…too bad he’s gay though…not to mention that he’s Nanba’s uncle..enough said)

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