Manhwas – Snow Drop

Reading Manhwas aka Korean version of Japanese’s Manga doesn’t appeal much to me…that is, until I read Snow Drop….

Basically, the main players in Snow Drop are these two star-crossed lovers ala Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with a little bit of modern twist to it. You see, this girl is the daughter to a congressman whereas this guy is a model….and he did a couple of nude modeling too.

Now, these two teens met in school. Little did they know, they each holds a secret past. This girl was kidnapped and raped when she was twelve and what do you know, the rapist was actually the guy’s 15 year old brother! Knowing that the scumbag who raped her daughter is a minor and will only be sentenced in a juvenile court, her dad took the matter into his own hands out of anger. He got a friend of his (more like business partner or some sort) who happens to be a mob boss to have the scumbag killed. Well, as fate has it, his daughter met the scumbag’s younger brother and they fell madly in love.

Like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, their love faced many obstacles. Throw in a bitch who wants to snatch the heroine’s prince, you’ll get plenty of cat fights. Hmm..female fights are the worse….

The story is pretty sweet actually. A classic girl meets guy and overcoming all obstacles and they all live happily ever after kinda story. Unlike Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, these two lovers lives till the end of their happy married lives……

As for me, thanks to Snow Drop I have discovered yet another cool reading material…Laugh out loud….


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