What I Hate About Smuttish Manga

Undeniably, most girls love Smuts. No offense to you Smut fans out there. I read Smut-themed mangas too….and I ended up disliking them….well, most of them anyway.

Take Love Celeb by Mayu Shinjo for instance. It features this hot shot guy who constantly prey on young girls’ virginity. All goes well until along came this singer-wannabe or some sort. Now here comes the part that I hate the most. You see, this girl is sort of lack of talent and her agent tells her that the only way for her to succeed in the harsh entertainment world is to sleep her way to the top and she did just that. And the rest of the manga is all smut….what the hell…what sort of message is the author trying to convey? That the only way to succeed is to sleep all the way to the top? Where does that leave a woman’s dignity?

There’s another one. Most Smut fans would probably read Desire Climax. The hero of the story is this super rich good-looking guy….he seemed so perfect that he’s now known as a prince among his schoolmates. Now, don’t let his perfections fool you. To me he’s like Dr. Jekyll when he’s facing the society and he shows his true colours to certain people such as his childhood friend (don’t mind me…I’m bad at remembering Japanese names). His childhood friend, you see, is living in poverty and her mom is very sickly. He somehow developed an interest in her and one night he stole her first kiss. His desire for this girl is so intense that he used his power and status to make her work as his maid (FYI, he is the girl’s landlord) and after that I’m afraid, everything goes downhill for the poor girl. This guy is obviously a jerk. He constantly force himself on her and the worst part is, this girl does not fight back. Thankfully, unlike Love Celeb, this manga does not focus a lot on sex. There are plenty of drama going on to keep the story flowing…such as the probability of these two teens are siblings. Well, I haven’t read the conclusion yet but as a reader I sure hope that this guy would come to realise that he is in love with this girl and change his abusive ways and they will love happily ever after (that is, if they don’t turn out to be siblings).

Okay, Desire Climax is probably not too bad. But have you heard of Hot Gimmick? Frankly I haven’t have the chance to read it yet. Thing is, after reading the reviews I am somewhat disenchanted by it. Come on, the story is about this girl constantly being abuse by this guy and yet, she clings on to him. What the hell…I just hate it. What I don’t really get is why on earth would most readers wished that they would ended together? Is it normal for a girl to hang on to her abusive man? Hmph….one of these days I’m gonna take a peek at Hot Gimmick and find it out for myself.

One last thing, after reading a bunch of Smuts I have some to realization that most of the heroine will end up with bad boys. Weird…why would these girls end up with the guy who abuse them sexually? Oh well, I guess most girls have a thing for these bad boys. Then again, the saying that girls go out with bad boys but they’ll bring home the good ones are true…LOL.

As of today, I can say that I have read plenty of Smut mangas to draw this conclusion. Most Smut mangas features weak girls exploited by man. *Sigh*. What is so wrong with everybody? Why is it girls are always portrayed as the weaker sex? Call me a feminist if you want but if this goes on, it will leave the impression that girls are weaker than man and forever women will not be considered as man’s equal.


One thought on “What I Hate About Smuttish Manga

  1. Choco says:

    To tell the truth… I hate smut manga too,( No offense to people who like it.) and I read one like recently and I literally felt like vomiting b/c of all the sex and how desperate the girl was to get a ring back that was given to her by her dead boyfriend. The guy who has the ring forcibly had done sexual things and she didn’t refuse anything he had done to her. Like, I really think that girl should care more for herself b/c if her boyfriend were still alive he won’t want to see her like that, right?
    Besides, the girl still has lots of photos and memories of the guy…
    I understood that that ring was important to her, but she shouldn’t do things that are harmful for her.

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