Special A – Love it!

Basically Special A is about this two main characters, this guy Kei and a girl, Hikari…and seriously, from there you can guess how this story will progress. Put a guy and a girl in a typical Shoujo manga, it’s bound to end with these two main characters madly in love and they live happily ever after….lol…who wouldn’t like that? I for one, am a sucker for Shoujo mangas.

Okay, back to Special A. You see, these two people have been rivals ever since Kei beat Hikari in wrestling…well, it’s actually the girl Hikari who decides that they are rivals. Ever since the fateful day, Hikari vows to beat Kei and to do that, she enrolled into this exclusive private school that Kei attends but unfortunately, till today, she’s always ended second and thus, she’s always being called number 2 by Kei. You see, even if Hikari manage to obtain perfect scores of 100% for each subject, Kei will surpass her by getting say, 105%….laugh out loud.

As the story progresses, it is obvious that the reason Kei put up with all this is because he’s in love with Hikari.

Reason #1:
-Like Kei’s younger bro said, Kei has never ever look “desperate” before…well, that is until HIkari meets some sort of mishap or gets hurt. Hikari however, remains oblivious to it.

Reason #2:
-Then along came Yahiro who’s Kei’s childhood “friend”. Yahiro invites him to his birthday party and Hikari becomes Kei’s date for a day. At the party, Yahiro makes a bet with Hikari. Yahiro will try to hug/kiss her and if Kei attempts to stop them, it means Kei is in love with her. Well, naturally, Kei stopped them (he’s in love with her after all). And still, she’s totally unaware of it.

Reason #3:
-When Kei’s so-called fiance tried to hurt Hikari during a horse ride, Kei immediately came to her rescue. His fiance of course, wasn’t very pleased about it but still, Kei asked Hikari whether is ok (and not to his fiance) and it all became very obvious to the rest of S.A. members who were there at that time. Hikari however, still unaware of his feelings towards her.

Arghh….if I were to go on with this topic, the list could go on and on…Hikari, my dear, why are you still so dense? Isn’t obvious that Kei has the hots for you? *Sigh*. But for us Special A fans, don’t you think that if Hikari were to realise Kei’s feeling for her this manga will be cut short… Must be patient…..

What I love most about this manga is its uniqueness. I haven’t come across any manga with this kind of plot. The artwork isn’t too bad either and not to mention that the guys in Special A are easy on the eyes.

*Sigh*. I wish that I’m like Hikari. Her grades are super fantastic (unlike mine) and she’s got life unlike those bookworms who study constantly. Plus her it doesn’t hurt that a hottie is her main source of motivator for her to do so well in exams.

Am gonna stop for now. New term starts next week for me (*Sigh*). Will have to cut down my manga dosage or else……


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