Nana by Ai Yazawa

I was never a fan of Ms. Ai Yazawa until I picked up Nana. Many of her fans adored Paradise Kiss but I wasn’t impressed at all when I first read it (sorry!). A while later I discovered Nana. I thought that I was gonna give up on her but somehow I changed my mind and I gave Nana a shot and what do you know, I’m totally hooked!

Yazawa’s sense of fashion can be seen throughout her works and Nana is no exception for this. Some of her fans even said that she could make it in the fashion designing world.

As the name suggests, this manga is about Nana….two Nanas to be precise, Nana O and Nana K. These two girls are from the same hometown of I’m not very much mistaken and by the twist of fate they met on their train journey to Tokyo.

Lets begin with Nana O. Nana O’s an aspiring musician. Back in her hometown she was in this band called Black Stone, Blast for short along with her high school friends. Back then, Ren was still the bassist in Blast and Nana O was very much in love with him until Ren got an offer to be a bassist for Trapnest another of Blast’s more successful counterpart. And so, Ren left for Tokyo to join Trapnest soon after that. Well, Ren did asked Nana O to join him in Tokyo but because she wants to chase her dream as well, she declined and from there onwards we assume that their relationship is over. You see, what Nana thinks is this: if she were to join him in Tokyo, she would probably ended up marrying him and be a housewife and her dreams of being a musician will be shattered just like that.

Back to Nana K…well, she’s the total opposite of Nana O. Unlike Nana O, she’s born into a well-off family and because of that she’s too dependent on her family and her best friend, Junko. Then came one day, Junko tells her that she’s going to an Art college in Tokyo to pursue her interest in art and what do you know, Nana K said that she wants to go to Tokyo as well. Somehow, me as the reader feel that Nana K’s a little bit thick-skinned. Judging from her personality I’d say that she would ended up as a housewife to some rich man. And I think she did just that.

Ah…not gonna reveal too much of the plot. All I can say is that Nana is a very interesting manga. You’ll know what I mean if you just give it a shot…as for me, I’m gonna continue reading the next chapter of Nana O and Nana K’s next adventure…..


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