Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile rocks! Seriously, this manga is one of the best that I have ever read. Well, it won an award after all and I must say that this manga definitely deserves the award.

The main character, Noda Megumi also known as Nodame Cantabile who also known as No-Dummy by her frenemy, Masumi the timpanist. Anyway, on one fine day, by chance she stumbled upon Shinichi Chiaki and from there onwards, their crazy journey towards music begins.

Nodame isn’t the only one that thinks that Chiaki is a looker. Every female students in the music school is literally in love with the intelligent and handsome Chiaki. Chiaki however has no interest or whatsoever with them. So far, we only know that Chiaki has one serious girlfriend of don’t-know-how-many-years, Saiko and they have broken up ever since he had been kicked out of Etou-sensei, who’s known for teaching only bright and promising piano students.

Nodame clings to Chiaki like a parasite, or so Chiaki thinks. In time, Chiaki did find that Nodame is indeed an interesting person…musically, anyway. He thinks that the way Nodame looks at piano playing is quite unusual yet interesting. Nodame plays by ear and she’s totally lost if you present her with music sheets as she can’t read them at all! But then again, she’s a talented piano player as she can play a certain music instantly just after one listen.

I would say that Nodame is eccentric and it seems that the only person who can actually keep up with her is Chiaki. Chiaki himself isn’t 100% perfect either. One of the reason that his relationship with Saiko ended is because he always criticize her talent as he speaks out his mind even if it hurts others. Nodame in turn teaches him humility, or something like that. Together, they make a fine couple, don’t you think?

At first, they may seem incompatible but as the story progresses, their relationship develops although it seems that Nodame’s love for Chiaki is one-sided. Then again, in volume 10, it also seems that Chiaki has fall for her but he denies it. He did however invited her to study music in Europe with him…and they did….in none other than Paris, the city of love. Sounds ironic, huh?

Man, I really do like Nodame-Chiaki pair. I somehow envy Nodame. Although they are not exactly a couple in Chiaki’s eyes, they do behave like a couple unlike actual couples. Chiaki is like Nodame’s half vice versa.

Ah, they will surely end up together by the end of the story…perhaps, there will be a piano concerto at the end with Chiaki as its composer and Nodame plays the piano….ahhh….nice and sweet ending…..although I would hate to see this series to end.


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