Darker Than Black

Hei…..is one heck of a contractor. He also happens to be one of the many reasons why I watch Darker Than Black.

At first, I thought that Darker Than Black is interesting….and I’m right. That was before I fell in love with Hei, literally speaking. The plot sounds promising. This anime however, may not appeal to some girls…well, it’s about saving the world after all….not even a hint of romance (phew….thank goodness).

I have been watching this since episode one and so far the story is getting more interesting….so interesting that I can’t wait to catch the next episode. Wish that the sub version will be out soon.

For those who don’t now, this anime is all about Hell Gate that appears in Tokyo and cold blooded killers known as Contractors. You see, Contractors have special abilities that made them almost invincible. However, there’s a catch. Everytime they use their power, they have to make it up by doing something that they’re not too keen on (usually) known as remuneration. It could be anything….smoking cigars, alcohol etc.

The main character of the story is Hei. He really is a Contractor…in front of everybody else he’s simply known as Li Shun Seng, a Chinese student. As of episode 12, he’s not known to have remuneration (cool….). Plus, he’s almost unbeatable in battles.

Hmm…I feel rather off today. Can’t seem to write with the usual enthusiasm. So, there you go. *Sigh*. Will stop for today. I should work on my Prob & Stats tutorial right about now instead of blogging and…..reading mangas (Lol.).

Hei: Ain’t he look cool on this one…..


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