Of all CLAMP’s works, xxxHoLiC is my favourite although I really like Tsubasa and Cardcaptor as well but unlike xxxHoLiC, Tsubasa and Cardcaptor are just tad serious to my liking. Yeah, sure there are some light and humourous moments in Tsubasa and Cardcaptor but you just can’t help but laugh at Watanuki’s blunders and his expression when confronting Doumeki whom he think is his rival for Himawari’s affection in xxxHoLiC.

Come to think of it, this show is quite philosophical in some ways.

For instance, there’s an episode on superstitions. When Yuuko said that it’s not unwise to heed these superstitions as they are handed down through many generations when she saw Watanuki wearing a pair of new shoes at night, no less. She said that wearing a brand new pair of shoe at night will bring misfortune to the wearer and Watanuki was skeptical and he chose to go ahead anyway. And what do you know, he’s hounded with misfortunes. Laugh out loud. I guess certain superstitions are real.

If you watch the anime of read the manga, you’ll probably come across a girl who believes that she’s useless and that she can’t do things right. Because of her lack of confidence, she almost never voice out her opinion at all. Even when she had a crush on Doumeki, she never have the courage to confess her feelings to him whereas her twin sister’s crush on Doumeki is obvious. In the end, Watanuki (or was it Yuuko?) come to realise that the real reason behind her lack of confidence is because of herself alone. When she told herself that she’s worthless and can’t do things right, the exact things happen just like what she thought. The lesson to be learnt: you must learn to believe in yourself no matter what others think.

Come to think of it, the story seems absurd but the message that it sends does make sense to me. I think I might have just learnt a lesson or two just by reading the manga. Then again, how could I not like reading this manga when Watanuki is just a plain idiot who never fails to amuse me with his crazy antics.

“you must do the things that you think you cannot do” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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