Mad About Bleach

After watching a couple of episodes (more like 120+ episodes), I have come to like it. I wasn’t a fan of any shounen-themed animes or mangas initially but I have watched D.Gray-man, Darker Than Black and xxxHoLiC and of course, Bleach and thank goodness they’re all superb.

What I really like about shounen-themed mangas/animes is that it’s less shoujo-ish. Laugh out loud. Plus, shounen-themed mangas/animes have their fair share of bishounens for us girls to ogle on. Well, personally I just love seeing Kanda Yuu of D.Gray-man and Hei of Darker Than Black. As for Bleach, don’t you think that Kuchiki Byakuya is really HOT?

Guys might think that us girls are too shallow. Then again, you guys probably enjoy to catch Inoue Orihime in action, or rather her “racks”. Or perhaps you guys like Yoruichi or maybe some of you prefer Matsumoto? Hah. You guys are the shallow ones.

I have nothing against the female characters but I find Orihime annoying. Really, of all the female character, she’s the one that I dislike the most. Perhaps it’s because she’s weak but maybe it’s because she’s coming between Rukia and Ichigo. Personally, I would prefer Ichigo x Rukia pair or maybe Renji x Rukia but I still like the idea of the former. Having said that, my favourite female character in Bleach is of course, Rukia. She’s fearless and not as helpless damsel in distress unlike Inoue.

As for the male characters, I really like Byakuya’s coolness. He hardly smile. Never even crack a joke. If he did, he’s either plain mad or drunk. Then again, with him being the most serious and law-abiding shinigami, I can’t picture him holding a bottle on one hand and getting drunk. Not to mention that his Zankapatou (not too sure about the spelling) is a beautiful sight (well, maybe not as beautiful as Rukia’s snowy white). One may think that he’s invincible since he’s known as the most powerful Shinigami in Soul Society but the one and only person who’s ever beaten him in a battle is Kurosaki Ichigo. Not so invincible after all, eh. Nevertheless, he’s the most popular male Shinigami among the female Shinigamis in Soul Society.

And well, recently I discovered Hitsugaya. He’s one cute (and short) shinigami with white hair. Hmm…I think I understand why his hair all white since he’s the youngest shinigami (ever!) to rise to the rank of captain.

It would seem that Bleach isn’t gonna end anytime soon. From the forums, I can see that some of Bleach fanatics are getting restless and agitated that the Bleach storyline is getting stale and all but I would really like to see more of Bleach. Then again, maybe I feel that way because it’s only recently that I have become one of the Bleach groupies but I would really like to see how long can the author prolong the story. I’d hate to see Bleach end with many of its fans losing interest in it.

As for me, I’m gonna watch the remaining 40+ episodes that I have missed. Oh yeah, there’s a brand new Bleach movie coming out in December. Am so looking forward to it. Think the title is The Diamond Dust Rebellion with Hitsugaya as the lead character. Till then, tata!

Taken from BleachPortal


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