Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion

Oh man, can’t believe that Bleach movie 2 is gonna be released in winter, December 22nd no less. And I’m kinda like just discover the awesomeness of Bleach anime. Will probably read the manga when I’m really free as right now, I’m very much occupied with more important issues. Well, hello, second term starts next week!

Anyway, in this latest Bleach movie, Toshiro Hitsugaya, our cute-white-haired-captain is the main player. To be precise, in Bleach latest outing, he’s given an assignment to retrieve some sort of artifact and he’s gone missing in the middle of it. And for that, the folks at Soul Society labels him as a traitor. But fortunately for him, he still has friends who have faith in him….and so, Ichigo and the gang, and by gang, I mean Rukia, Matsumoto and Renji race to prove his innocence.

That’s that….according to Wikipedia. It’s gonna be released in Japanese cinemas and us, non-Japanese speaking folks will have to wait for the translation.

Can’t wait to catch Ichigo and co…man, I can just imagine how cool Hitsugaya’s gonna be.

Till my next post, ciao and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Note: Movie poster taken from Here


2 thoughts on “Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion

  1. aprilgirl87 says:

    I’d have upload a couple of screenshots but as of now, I just don’t have the time…will probably blog on it and upload the screenshots in the near future.

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