La Corda D’Oro – Bishounens Galore!

Music. Bishounens. Shoujo-ish storyline. Reverse harem. Well, that’s La Corda D’Oro for you.

In case you don’t know, this anime is derived from a dating simulation game or some sort. So far, there are two games out in the market. Then Yuki Kure authored several mangas based on this game. Popularity soars and an anime is made. That pretty much summarizes the success story of La Corda D’Oro also known as Kiniro no Corda.

Hino Kahoko is a student in this prestigious school. This school comprises of two departments: General Ed and the elite Music Department. Anyway, the story begins when Hino Kahoko saw this fairy that is supposedly invisible to the eyes of normal human beings. This fairy, Lili thinks that it’s a sign that Hino can actually see her! And the next day, her name’s announced as one of the contestants of the music competition. Now, the problem is, she don’t play any music instrument and why the heck her name’s up as one of the music competition contestant? She went to see the teacher in charge of the comp and here’s what he said: you must have seen that “thing”….the “thing” refers to Lili.

No matter how reluctant she is, she gave in eventually. Lili gave her a magic violin. Using this magic violin, a person who has never touch a violin in his/her entire life can play a tune…flawless even. She never intended to cheat. She’s just doing what Lili begs her to. And so, her musical journey begins.

Along the way, you’ll see a bunch of bishounens. First up, the ever cool-looking Tsukimori Len. Len may look like a stuck-up music student who thinks that as a music student, he’s much more superior than gen-ed students but he’s really a nice guy if you get to know him. Girls think that he’s quite a looker with musical talent. And get this: he plays the violin. If I recall correctly, one of Hino’s pal did say that there’s a legend regarding the music competition. Many years ago (how many years exactly, I don’t know) there was a guy and a girl in the music competition. They met during the competition, fell in love, get married (I assume they did) and they live happily ever after. And guess what, both of them are violinists! As for Tsukimori’s feeling towards Hino, so far it’s still kinda hazy but it seems to me, he has fallen for her.

And there’s hyperactive Hihara Kazuki who’s obviously in love with her. Hmm…nothing much can be said about him except that he plays the trumpet. And also, he seems to be great friends with Yunoki Azuma.

Speaking of Yunoki, he’s the idol of the school. Wherever he goes, you can see his three fanatic fan girls. He’s a gifted musician actually. When he was younger, he excelled at piano but he was forced to give it up as his brothers are already playing piano. He took up flute instead. Blessed with silky long hair and good looks, he’s now known as the flute prince among his fan girls. Little did anyone know, every single day, he puts up with his prince-like act. His act was flawless. Everyone thinks that he’s just too perfect. And one day, he showed his dark side to none other than Hino. Well, Hino’s the only one who knows about his dark side. The more I think about it, I think Yunoki might have fallen for her as well. Ah, so many boys, so little time….just kidding!

It also appears that Tsuchiura, a football star and also one of the contestant might be in love with Hino as well. He helps her when she’s in need seeing that she’s a gen-ed students like him. He however, is not in good terms with Tsukimori. Tsukimori thinks that Tsuchiura isn’t good enough to be one of his competitor and Tsuchiura thinks that Tsukimori is so full of himself. He hated Tsukimori so much that he put his heart and soul into the compeition, vowing to beat him. And by the way, he plays piano.

The real bishounen of this story is Shimizu Keichi. He’s always falling asleep. With his small frame, one wouldn’t think that he plays a big instrument but you can see him hidden behind a huge cello every morning in school. He plays well and so far, he hasn’t show any sign of affection towards Hino but we all know that he respects Hino.

I have watched the anime and I thought that it was okay. At the end of the anime, she didn’t end up with anybody though but I’m happy just knowing that the guys might be in love with her. Truthfully, I’d be happier if she end up with Tsukimori although I personally favor Yunoki ( I seem to have a thing for guys with long hair).

Well then, among these cute guys, who do you think Hino will end up with?

Till my next post, ciao!


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