Devil May Cry: From Video Game to Anime

Slash-fest. Gore. Blood bath. Monsters. Violence. These thoughts alone freaked me out and that’s what I thought I saw in Devil May Cry preview. Dismissing it as yet another gory themed anime, I gave up on it before even watching the first episode. Thank goodness I was bored and I watched a couple episode of it via yesterday.

There are indeed bloody scene, monsters and gore. That’s probably what makes it so appealing to guys. What really makes it appealing to me is the storyline.

Devil May Cry is originally a video game. Mind you, I’m not familiar with the game, let alone play it.

The main character here is Dante. He’s in demon hunting business but still manage to caught himself in debts somehow. Yup. He’s a demon hunter. What’s more interesting is that he’s of half demon, half human parentage. I think his dad was a demon and his mom was a human.

He’s one trigger-happy fella when it comes to demon. He kills them mercilessly. Gunshots can be heard throughout the anime.

What makes him human is this girl that somehow ended up with him. Her name’s Patty. She’s funny though. Constantly pestering him and surprisingly, he puts up with her. I never thought that a demon hunter could care for a child. And one more thing about him: he loves strawberry sundae. A demon hunter who loves strawberry sundae. What a joke. Well, I guess he has soft side as well.

There’s no leading man without his leading ladies…or so the saying goes (is there such saying at all?). In his case, there are three women in his life throughout the story. One of them, of course is Patty and the other two are Trish and Lady.

Trish’s a fearless woman. Also a demon hunter like him. She used to be his partner-in-crime in this demon-hunting business. Although he has expressed his desire to work with her again, she declined saying that she prefer to work alone. Hmm…I wonder if Dante has a thing for her since he has her picture in the frame.

Like Trish, Lady is also one tough, fearless woman and a demon hunter. Dante seems to be constantly indebted to her. She likes to make a bet with Dante and she’s good at it.

One may think that romance is in the air…or in this case, a love triangle but I doubt it. If that happens, yeah, it would be interesting. Too much of it, is disaster. Come to think of it, there’s shoujo-themed anime for that.

Devil May Cry may not be appealing to most girls but I find it refreshing since I have seen plenty of shoujo-themed animes. A cool, suave, gun-slinging demon hunter…what more could a girl ask for?


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