Upcoming Animes

Hmm…I wonder what great animes are in store for the year 2008. I heard that Special A and Vampire Knight are gonna be made into anime soon and will be released sometime this year.

Anyway, I have just seen the anime list for winter 2008 and below are the ones that I’m anticipating:

Rosario + Vampire
Hatenkou Yuugi (you probably know it as Dazzle, a Tokyopop manga)
– PERSONA -trinity soul- (based on a video game)
– Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations OVA

I have also heard that there’s gonna be xxxHolic season 2 set to be released this year. The manga series is great and it’s just plain hilarious. Can’t wait for the next season…isn’t Mokona is just to adorable? Lol. And Watanuki’s damn funny when he’s angry….


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