Dramacon (An Original English Language Manga)

I’ve read a few American version of mangas and I was quite disappointed as they are not as good as the Japanese. Well, that is, until I stumbled upon Dramacon by Svetlana Chmakova. Before Dramacon, I always thought that Japanese drawn manga is the best and that manga isn’t called a manga if it’s not authored by Japanese (Man, I didn’t realise that I was narrow minded back then).

Dramacon is mainly about an aspiring manga writer named Christie and her encounters at a manga convention. In book 1, she has this jerk for a boyfriend who is also an aspiring manga artist that she collaborated with. He’s a flirt even with his girlfriend’s presence he will chat up any good looking girl that he sees. At first impression, Christie seems like a meek girl and will listen to whatever people tells her to do to the point that she lets her boyfriend gets away after flirting with almost every girl he sees even with her presence. Some nerve that jerk have. Then, enter some mysterious looking guy who wears sunglasses everywhere he goes. His name’s Matt. Mmm…if he does exist in real life, I wonder, who wouldn’t fall for him…he’s so damn hot in those shades. For some reason, Christie who doesn’t have the confidence to stand up for herself manages to throw insults at him as he seems like a guy who’s full of himself at the beginning. Whenever Christie feels rather down, she’ll see Matt and after a while, she started to fall for him.

Ah well, I’m just too lazy to write anymore. If you wanna know if Christie and Matt get together, read it. Who knows, you may just like it….I know I like it.

For more info, you can look it up on Wikipedia.

Image: Cover of Dramacon Volume 1. Taken from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b9/Dramacon.jpg


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