X/1999 by CLAMP

X/1999 or simply known as X is one of CLAMP’s older works. Like most of CLAMP’s infamous works, the artwork in X is well-done and of course, there are bishounens to ogle at. Rumour has it (or is it a fact?) that the women that makes up CLAMP are fangirls themselves and they are rather fond of shounen-ai theme stuffs. Take Tsubasa Chronicle for instance. Somehow I can see that Kurogane and Fay together. In xxxHolic, there’s Watanuki and Doumeki. As for X, girls just love to see Kamui x Fuma, Subaru x Shiseiro, or perhaps Kamui x Subaru pairs.

This is how the story goes (from my understanding): Dragon of Heaven and its seven seals aim is to save the earth and Kamui is the key to do so as he has the power to decide. Evil comes in the form of Dragon of Earth and its seven angels. That said, their goal is of course to destroy earth and they intend to get Kamui to their side to make it happen. Ultimately, Kamui chooses the Dragon of Heaven and as his twin star, Fuma is now one of Dragon of Earth. Well, if he choose to join the Dragon of Earth, Fuma will automatically joins the Dragon of Heaven and instead of Fuma killing his own sister, Kotori, Kamui will do the deed. As it is, Fuma is no longer Fuma who regards Kamui as his best friend. He is now the second Kamui who will wield the sword of destiny and they will fight to the death.

The manga is known to be on hiatus as stated in Baka-Updates or perhaps it will never be completed at all. Apparently, the publisher decided not to publish any more of X. The reason given is that the story displays too much violence with a lot of bloodspills. Darn it. Now we don’t have the ending at all. Come to think of it, that’s probably why the anime series and the movie each have different endings. In the anime series, Kamui dies and in the movie version, Fuma dies or so I heard.

In any case, I do enjoy watching both the anime series and the movie. Don’t think that I’d read the manga any time soon though since it’s not completed…I hate reading mangas that stops midway without any explaination.

My favourite X characters are of course, Kamui, Fuma and Subaru. Oddly enough, Kamui and Subaru appeared in Tsubasa Chronicle as twin vampires. Ah, it is a common knowledge that CLAMP frequently recycle the characters from their mangas. Still, it’s enjoyable, don’t you think so?

Red: Kamui and the Dragon of Heaven
Blue: Fuma and the Dragon of Earth


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