Sahara Mizu/Yumeka Sumomo

Have you read mangas by Sahara Mizu or Yumeka Sumomo? Well, they are actually the same person. Yumeka Sumomo is actually a pen name used by Sahara Mizu.The first Sahara Mizu manga that I read was Nanairo Sekai (The World in Seven Colours) which consists of four different one-shots. Of all the four stories, my favourite is The Glasses Thief. It gives me a warm feeling at the end of it. Actually, all the four one-shots are as good as the first one (The Glasses Thief) it’s just that The Glasses Thief leaves the biggest impression on me.

After Nanairo Sekai, I moved on to Bus Hashiru (scanlated by Storm in Heaven), also a collection of one-shots. Like the name suggests, the theme of the manga lies around bus stops. More like it takes place at bus stops. And like Nanairo Sekai, the one-shots in Bus Hashiru leaves a lasting impression on me. Speaking of Bus Hashiru, I like the second story (Sakura Street Bus Stop) best. The story is mainly about a high school girl and a biology teacher. As you might have guessed, this girl is in love with the teacher and they meet frequently at Sakura Street Bus Stop (where else?) where they take the same bus back after school. She confessed her love to her biology teacher (in a rather sweet manner, no less) and promised that she will meet him there at Sakura Street Bus Stop four years later after she complete her university education and she will marry him…sweet isn’t? And true enough, they met again at the same bus stop four years later.

As Yumeka Sumomo, her works are mostly Shounen-ai-ish and Yaoi-ish but nonetheless, they are as good as her works as Sahara Mizu.

After reading most of her works, I became a fan of Sahara Mizu. Great artwork coupled with meaningful storylines. What more can you ask for? If you ask me, I would say that her works are almost perfect. I also have to say that her works are rather refreshing after reading many cliched shoujo mangas. So, do give it a try!