Something to Look Forward to, Come Fall 2008…

…well, at least for me and by “something”, I meant Fall 2008 anime season. And here’s the gist of some of the animes that I’m looking forward to…

  1. Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
    The manga is somewhat intriguing, at least, that’s what I think what with the demon-like-butler who serves a 12-year-old boy. By “demon-like” I don’t mean that Sebastian (yes, that’s the name of the butler) is evil it’s just that he seems to have some supernatural powers.

  2. Nodame Cantabile: Paris-Hen
    It’s a 11-episode sequel to the first season set in Paris, the city of romance! Anyways, one can look forward to see more Nodame’s misadventures in her musical journey alongside her “husband”, Chiaki. Lol. It may not be as good as its live-action counterpart as some said, but am looking forward to its second season…

  3. Vampire Knight Guilty
    I wasn’t really impressed with the first season (still, I managed to watch the entire first season) but heck, I’m watching the second one anyways…and the Kaname-Zero-Yuki-love-triangle-vampire sage continues with this one…
  4. Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (Hell Girl)
    A continuation from Jigoku Shoujo Futakumori. I wonder, with the demise of Enma Ai, who will be the next Hell Girl aka Jigoku Shoujo?

  5. Hakushaku to Yousei
    Hmm…not sure what to make of this one. Am not a fan of fluffy shoujo anime series but this series looks somewhat interesting. Okay, I have to admit that the art is the reason why I would watch it…

On another note, D.Gray-man anime has ended its run with its 103rd episode…boohoohoo!! Am a huge fan of the series…hopefully there will be another run of D.Gray-man anime in the future…in the meantime, I have to make do with just the manga…


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