100% Perfect Girl by Wann

First thing’s first. Is there such thing as 100% perfect girl or guy? Even beauties and hunks like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have their flaws…surely…

Another thing is, is it even remotely possible that a pretty girl just ran into a handsome prince by chance at a hotel, fell in love, being whisked away to a foreign land and get engaged? Sounds impossible but that is exactly what happened to Jay Jin. Did I mention that they share the same first name as well? Coincidence? Probably but there’s no way that that could happen in reality but then again, why not?

Reasons why I picked up this manhwa:

  • Wann – Her arts are pretty…enough said
  • Storyline – the plot may seems rather far-fetched (what was I thinking, it is far-fetched!) but I wouldn’t mind losing myself in some fantasy

However, I was getting rather tired of it after reading six volumes…the dramas are…well, too much drama! One minute Jay was kidnapped, lost her memory, all of the sudden there were like three guys who are in love with her and there was also gunshots involved. Like Helen of Troy who was known as the face that launched a thousand ship, Jay has the face (and may I add, kind personality as well?) that launched a thousand bullets, literally speaking.

So, would I continue reading this? Well, yeah…although I can foresee how it would eventually end…it will surely end with “…and they live happily ever after”. Other possible ending includes, the prince leave behind all his wealth, status that comes with him being a royalty and run away into the sunset with his beloved Jay. Yeah right…

As predictable as it may seem (it’s a Shoujo manhwa after all), I’d still continue reading it till the end, reason being me having the habit to finish what I read, unless of course, the book/manga/manhwa I read is not my cup of tea. Oh well, let us all read on and see how it ends…hopefully with a happily ever after (I hate sad endings!!).