Antique Bakery

Ah…after hours of Antique Bakery marathon…finally completed watching the 12-episode anime but somehow, by the 12th episode, I wished that there are more to come.

For those who don’t know, Antique Bakery by Yoshinaga Fumi is a shounen-ai manga that revolves around a cake shop and the four gorgeous-looking guy who work in it. At one glance, these four may seem like a happy bunch but each of them has a past. Take Tachibana Keisuke for instance. As a kid he was kidnapped and although he was released safely, as an adult, he’s still pretty much traumatised by that incident. After the whole incident, he claimed that he could not remember a single thing on who the kidnapper is or how he look like. The only thing that he recalled is that he was being fed with cakes everyday. Hmm, my guess is, the reason behind his somewhat irrational decision to quit his career and to open a bakery is to lure his kidnapper out…

And then there’s Ono Yusuke, an openly gay pâtissier in the bakery and a genius one at that. Tachibana and Ono were classmates and during their high school graduation, Ono “confessed” to Tachibana and of course, after his broke up with his girlfriend, he did not take it well and turned him down in the worst possible way and thanks to that traumatising “confession”, he became what he is today, a a gay of “demonic charm” or something like that. Using his “demonic gay charm”, apparently, all men whether gay or straight will fall for him and as a result, he’s always been fired from his jobs thanks but no thanks to the fight erupted by those men who fight over him.

The third man hired is a former boxing champion, Kanda Eiji. He’s an ace in his field and he even went to the nationals but unfortunately, his eyesight isn’t getting any better (he has detached retinas) so, he quit boxing. So, here’s how he got hired: he went into Antique Bakery, tasted one of Ono’s masterpiece, went over the moon and begged Ono to take him as an apprentice in baking…and from the looks of it, he has the potential to be the top pâtissier as Ono.

The fourth guy, Kobayashi Chikage is Tachibana’s childhood friend. Both of Chikage’s parents are dead and the Tachibanas were kind enough to take him in and ever since then, Tachibana and him are friends. He did went to college. Apparently, he was to be a secretary at one of Tachibana’s big company but due to his clumsiness and is inability to do anything right, he was instead to be Tachibana’s caretaker. Right. As Tachibana said, it was the other way round; Chikage’s the one who needed Tachibana’s caretaking. In the beginning, he was asked by Tachibana’s parents to keep an eye on him and in the end he was hired by Tachibana to be a waiter in Antique Bakery.

So, that was pretty much the summary of the four main players of this series. Reasons why you should watch the anime (and read the manga) –  Yoshinaga did a good job in telling the story just by using a cake shop as the backdrop and the comical faces are how should I say it, comical.

As for the anime, in contrast with its J-Drama counterpart, it remains faithful to the orginal work. I haven’t watch the J-Drama yet but from the reviews that I have read, it seems that in the J-Drama version, Ono is straight. Oh well, if I do have some time to spare, I’d probably watch this but heck, after watching the anime which I think is superb, I have this urging to watch the J-Drama version. Ah….

That aside, the anime I think is wonderfully done. The background is done in 3D whereas the human characters are animated. Looks good to me, and the background music sounds rather serene and I like it. And it is never short of comedic moments. Ah, I’m so glad that I picked this anime/manga…and now I’m off to the J-Drama…

Oh yeah, there’s gonna be a movie version of Antique Bakery; a South Korean production to be exact. I heard that the four main guys are a bunch of hotties…I wonder how it will turn out…should be good, I hope.

Another thing, did I mention that the cakes in the series look yummy and good enough to eat? Lol. Am craving for one of those now…


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