Boku wa Ne by Fujiwara Kiyo

I was a little hesitant at first before picking up Boku wa Ne, judging from the comments from readers and the synopsis. Then again, I was bored yesterday, so what the hell…

Yup, it does not contain any romance. It’s mostly family-oriented if you get what I mean.

And so, here’s the gist of what Boku wa Ne is all about…

The dad in this family is a single parent to two children. The wife had passed on shortly after giving birth to their second child. As a single parent, life isn’t exactly easy for him. As much as he love his children, he still have to work and in his children’s eyes he appears to spending more time at work. And then one day, out of the blue, he told his son, Tetsuta that a new babysitter is coming over. Thinking that the babysitter must be a pretty girl, little Tetsuta agreed to that arrangement. He truly believed that the babysitter is a girl even after he sees him, that is until his dad said that the babysitter was his kouhai (underclassman, junior) back in high school…and as a high-schooler, his dad went to an all-boys high school. Oh well, the babysitter, Aki-chan is so pretty (he has a pretty face) and he does have long flowy hair…anyone would have mistaken him for a girl and a few others even hit on him…lol.

With a new babysitter around, it was quite awkward for Tetsuta at first but he slowly warmed up to him and eventually, Aki-chan is accepted as part of the family.

My thoughts:

I’m not sure what you guys think but I get this shounen-ai vibe between the dad and his kouhai…but I’m not hating it…lol. I must admit that the fangirl in me wish that somehow the two will fall for each other but then again, what are the odds? This is a shoujo manga after all… But those two look so good together…..

It’s full of drama alright, but at the end of each chapter, there’s always a resolution and a happy ending. It’s good for light reading, if I may say so myself.

Artwise, in the beginning, the art may not look as refined as her later works but I really don’t have any complains on the art department.

Last but not least, don’t let the non-existent romantic element put you off…sometimes a story doesn’t need to have romance in it to be interesting.

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