Mana by Vin Lee (Manhwa)

I did had some reservations at first when deciding on whether to give Mana a go. It’s probably because Vin Lee’s other works (One, Crazy Love Story) doesn’t seem to impress me and I gave up on them without finishing the whole series.

One – Interesting plot but somehow I got bored in the middle of it.

Crazy Love Story – It’s just plain crazy and should I say, twisted. And I don’t have the will to finish it off. Am not too fond of the artwork either.

Mana’s different…totally different from One and Crazy Love Story. It has this supernatural element in it which is what intrigues me at the very beginning, the artwork is much more refined and has improved (that’s what I think), the clothes that the characters wore are stylish and of course, the characters are drawn beautifully (hotties alert!).

Shi-on (or Zion?) is just like any other normal high school student in the beginning of the series, that is, until she met two con artists who fed her with nonsensicals (moral doctrines? that sounds like a suspicious occult to me) and she bought it. She was cheated off some cash along the way and she met this long-haired ghost dressed in an outfit that made him looked like a rocker (well, he was a rocker when he was alive and breathing) and ever since then her life is never the same again.

Few years later, we see Shi-on all dressed in gothic styled clothings that made her looked like a someone who’s up to no good. Her guardian spirit, ghost, Mi-Ro (that’s his stage name apparently) is living with her and she’s now a self-professed shaman but she’s not without talent in that area.

And then there’s Prof. Joo who seemed to have cross paths with her more than often, and there’s a reason for this (fate?).

Throughout the whole series, various Korean folklore and superstitions are mentioned. In fact, I should say that this manhwa uses Korean folklore as the backdrop of the story. As for romance, well, towards the end of the story she did ended up with someone just as I had expected but what I never expect is how the author ended the story. From the reviews I have read, some dislikes the way the series end saying that it’s too abrupt etc. In my point of view, I have to agree that the series ended rather abruptly and that there should be more to it, not that I dislike the ending. It’s just that I’m hoping that there’s more to it and it doesn’t end just there!

So, what’s the ending of this series? Hints: love triangle, reincarnation.

To sum it all up, these are what I like about the manhwa (in my opinion, of course):

  • nice artwork
  • supernatural elements
  • good looking characters (the prof’s good looking…)
  • stylish clothings (especially the ones that Shi-on wore)
  • not too much drama – in fact, there’s hardly any drama in it.
  • comedic moments

What I dislike about this manhwa: it’s too short (4 Volumes). Wish there’s more.

P.S – Thanks to Entropy for scanlating Mana


One thought on “Mana by Vin Lee (Manhwa)

  1. Elisa says:

    Yeah the ending was quite abrupt. the author could have ended it with a monologue or something because i felt as if there was a chapter missing. if it really ended there it’s sad for mi-ro. i like him more than the professor šŸ™‚

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