Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

rebornI should have watched Reborn! when it first came out. Am currently following series and I can say that I’m now hooked! I was literally rolling on the floor laughing my hearts out by the second episode…the antics that Tsuna and co. pulled are simply hilarious.

Reborn! a story of Tsuna’s journey to become the next Vongola Family Mafia boss under the tutelage of Reborn an infant-hitman sent from Italy to train Tsuna. From day one, Reborn had been training Tsuna in the most unconventional method – Reborn will shoot him with the “dying will” bullet when the need arises and when that happen, Tsuna’s dying will is awaken and he’ll do whatever it takes to perform that dying will and in doing so, he stripped to his underpants and start firing up. The first time he was shot with that bullet was hilarious – he didn’t realize that the only clothing he wore was an underpant and when he did realize it, it’s too late and he winded up as the laughing stock.

Along the way, Reborn also tries to recruit potential subordinates for Tsuna and among the potential recruits is Miyamoto Yamamoto who happens to be his good pal as well as classmate. And then there’s Haru, the girl who has intense crush on him, Kyouya Gokudera who respects Tsuna tremendously to the point of proclaiming himself as Tsuna’s right hand man and calling Tsuna “tenth” (that is, the tenth boss of the Vongola Family). Kyoko, a girl whom Tsuna has a crush on somehow got herself entangled in Tsuna’s mafiaso affairs (sort of), thanks but no thanks to Reborn. Other interesting characters that I’ve seen so far (up to 18th episode, yes, I’m slow) – Hibari (he’s definitely a looker) and Dino, Reborn’s former pupil (these two are constant targets of Doujinshis. They do make an interesting pair, if you get what I mean). Oh yeah, I almost left out Kyoko’s big bro who’s motto is “Extreme”. He’s so extreme that he have this dying will with him all the time without needing any “dying will” bullet.

Am currently on the 18th episode…must catch up whenever I’m free…


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