NANA so far

NANA tells the story of two girls with different dreams, goal but with a same name, Nana. They met on the train heading to Tokyo and what connects them in the first place is their similar name. And from then on, I wonder do they realise what lies ahead in their futures?

Fast forward several years…

Nana O has break off from Black Stones and is now launching a solo career on her own, Nana K or affectionally known as Hachi is married to Takumi (the gorgeous long-haired member of Trapnest) and a mother-to-be who will eventually have a son and a daughter in a near future. When the time comes, it look as though as Takumi is at the other end of the world (London, if I’m not mistaken) with their son while Hachi is at Japan with their daughter whom they eventually named as Satsuki. At this point, I was wondering if the couple are separated what with the both of them are living at two separate parts of the world and a child between them.

Reira or Layla the lead vocalist of Trapnest seems to be in love with Takumi but somehow it would seem that Takumi chooses to stay with Hachi but then again, I have the impression that the “love” that Hachi has for Takumi is a one-sided one. Did Takumi ever love Hachi at all? Or did he married her just because she was pregnant with his child back then?

The biggest shocker of all is of course, Ren’s demise. Ren and Nana were engaged prior to the car crash which killed him in the end. Hmm… the author has hinted that Ren’s gonna die young but I have always thought that he’ll die of drug overdose (just like Sid Vicious of his favourite band, The Sex Pistol) since he was hooked on dopes.  With Ren gone, Nana must be devastated. She did after all, loved him. And again, fast forward to the future, Nana seems to have disappeared into the thin air.

So, what’s next for NANA? With Ren’s demise, is there any more shocker in store in the future chapters of NANA? Or does Ren’s demise signifies that the series will end soon? Will we get to see Hachi and Takumi’s offsprings grow up? Lol…I can already imagine Satsuki being Hachi’s double. Either way, I’m gonna see NANA off till the end.

My other favourite Ai Yazawa works:
Kagen no Tsuki (this one has “ghostly” element in it)
Paradise Kiss (fashion galore!)


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