Earl and Fairy

I thought that I have swore off all shoujo-ish animes but for some reason I still watch them.

La Corda D’oro was kinda “interesting” if I may say so myself although it does not make it to my must-watch list. The bishounens in it are after all wouldn’t be called bishounens if they don’t have the looks.

Currently I’m following Special A manga series. When I first heard that there’s gonna be Special A anime, I was overjoyed and sceptic at first. Will it be as good as it should be? Will I like it? Heck, I see it through the end and my verdict? I’d be lying if I say I did not enjoy a single bit of the anime.

All that aside, what do you think of Earl and Fairy (Hakushaku to Yousei)? It has all the shoujo elements in it- bishounens, romance, you name it. Being a sceptic when it comes to shoujo stuffs, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna follow up to this anime.


Anyways, here’s how the story goes: The earl in question is in fact, a guy named Edgar. He’s blonde, loaded, and he’s pretty much every girl’s dream guy. I’m not quite sure what exactly his goal is in the story but correct me if I’m wrong, Edgar’s supposed to be the heir of Earl of the Blue Knights (not quite sure what it’s called) or something like that and he sought out a certain fairy doctor named Lydia for her service to obtain a certain Sword of Merrow. And as expected from a shoujo anime, he fall for her although Lydia doesn’t appear to be buying that “I’m in love with you” kind of thing from a lady’s man but I can tell that by the end of the series, she’ll end up with Edgar…most definitely.

The ending credit is practically a feast for fangirls – it’s full of half-naked bishounens. Lol. Heck, throughout the whole series, hunks appear one after another. There’s Raven, Edgar’s servant who vows to serve him, Paul the painter, and Kelpie, a fairy who seems to be in love with Lydia as well.

So, to watch or not to watch? Obviously I’ll continue watching it till the end…call me shallow but I really am a sucker for animes/mangas (or just about anything) with bishounens in it.

Note: Hakushaku to Yousei is actually based on a light novel and there’s also a manga coming out in conjunction with the anime.


2 thoughts on “Earl and Fairy

  1. banu says:

    I think it is such a good anime maybe because of my sex I like these kind of animes and I advise you to keep on watcing this:)
    by the way u made a good summary on this anime:)

  2. It was quite a pretty anime, but the ending was neither here nor there. I thot lydia’s character was quite strong, not the girly girl type. But I find the guy a bit too frivolous sometimes. Raven is prob the best character. 🙂

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