Hotaru no Hikari (Glow of Fireflies)

One word to describe this J-Drama: hilarious. It’s simply hilarious and I enjoy watching it tremendously. I enjoyed it so much that it makes me wonder why didn’t I catch it when it first came out back in 2007 (which was last year).

For those who don’t know, Hotaru no Hikari J-Drama is based on josei manga by Hiura Satoru and it basically centers on the main character who goes by the name of Amemiya Hotaru nicknamed a “dried fish” by her buchou, or simply put, her manager. She’s a “dried fish” simply because of her I-rather-spend-my-time-lazing-around-at-home attitude and then one day, she finds herself sharing her home with her Takanobuchou. Well, it’s not exactly her home that she’s living at. It was Takano’s dad’s home to begin with. It just happens that somehow Takano’s dad, the bar owner (that she probably frequents at, being a “beer-holic” and all) agreed to loan her the house.

Hotaru cohabitating with her manager, Takano is deemed as somewhat “illegal” in many ways. First and foremost, both of them are a man and a woman. Secondly, they are a boss and subordinate and if the word saying that they are living together ever gets out, it spells doom for the both of them. The part where they tries to prevent the world from knowing that they are living together under the same roof are the funny parts of the series. I can’t exactly describe the level of funny-ness here so go watch it and judge it yourself.

There are certainly hints of romance. Hotaru is in love with Teshima, a colleague of hers. Then again, while she lives with Takano I can’t help wondering if there’s anything going on between those two (Hotaru and Takano). Hmm…

In short, these are the reasons why Hotaru no Hikari falls in my must-watch list:

• It has quite a number of comedic moments which never fail to make me literally ROFL.
• The actors portraying the characters are good at bringing out their respective characters.
• Interesting storyline.
• The main character isn’t unrealistically perfect.



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