Shuukatsu!! – Kimi ni Naitei by Yoshino Aki

shukatsuShuukatsu!! is everything a shoujo manga isn’t – it’s realistic and plot is so-not-cliched like most shoujo mangas out there (I said most and therefore I’m not implying that all shoujo mangas aren’t realistic or cliched but then again isn’t that the reasons why most of us are suckers for shoujo mangas? Oh well, but that’s another story for another time). Oh yeah, the reason it’s not-shoujo-like is because it’s a josei manga, that is a manga aimed at adult women.

The story begins with the main character, Asaoka Yuuri at this job interview session. At the beginning it seems to her that it all seems hopeless since she couldn’t nail any job offer at all after many many job hunting efforts. The obvious reason why she couldn’t nail any job offer is because of her lacking of self-confidence. And then there’s this guy who’s all confident and in the eyes of others, he could nail any job that he like and they sort of started at the wrong foot what with the guy being all self-righteous and boosting the air of confidence…little did they know that they will meet again sooner than they think.

Manabe Ryouji is the man of the campus…the one that all girls will go for without a second thought – he’s handsome, a law student with high prospects,  and basically, he’s what all men would want to be. As popular as he can be, it was the first time that Yuuri heard of him when her best friend Mi-chan spoke of him and it turned out that he is the confident guy whom Yuuri has ran into the other day in one of her job hunting quests.

They may have gotten off at the wrong foot at the beginning but somehow they forged a friendship and slowly the friendship blossomed into love.

Many thanks to Aerandria for bringing us Shuukatsu!! in English. Shuukatsu!! is a nice read and it’s defininitely worth my time. So, if you haven’t read it yet, go read it now!


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