Vampire Themed Manga/Manhwa v2

There seem to be a vampire-fetish among us…or else how did the search for “vampire themed manga” landed on this blog? Anyways, here’s the list of vampire themed manga/manhwa (the ones that I have read or know of) in no particular order:

Blood Hound

Author: YUKI Kaori

A high school girl in search for her best friend who has gone missing. The clues in her hand leads her to a host club where the hosts are all vampires (and good-looking ones at that!). One thing lead to another and the next thing she knows, she’s now a part-timer at the host club.

Model (Manhwa)

Author: LEE So-Young

A Korean art student, Jae came to Europe as an art student. One fateful night, a friend of hers brings home a man and Jae has no choice but to take him in. Little did she know that Michael is actually a vampire and she fell for him.

The plot seems somewhat complicated but still, Model is a good read.


Author: TOBOSO Yana

The setting of the story is an academy (or school) where vampires go to. Apparently, each vampire will have one “family weapon” except for Aru who is a vampire but doesn’t act like one. Along came Kei, a human transfer student who turned out to be Aru’s weapon and together they save the world?

Note: You might recall that Toboso Yana is the author of Kuroshitsuji.

Vampire Knight

Author: HINO Matsuri

Basically, it’s more about the love triangles of Yuki, Kaname and Zero. Yuki and Kaname turned out to be siblings (not real siblings though). Zero’s a vampire hunter turned vampire (unwillingly) and both Kaname and Zero has one thing in common – they both are in love with Yuki. I wonder, who will Yuki end up with in the end? Personally, I’m a Kaname fan (no offense to Zero fans).

Necratoholic (Yaoi)

Author: WASABI Maguro

A forbidden love between a vampire and dhampir (half-vampire). Heck, the fact that they both are males already makes it a taboo!

Millennium Snow

Author: HATORI Bisco

A teenage girl has heart problem and she wouldn’t live to see the next snow. A vampire by the name Touya hates being a vampire and with his blood, together (the girl and Touya) they live for another thousand year.

Note: This series is said to be on hiatus as the author wants to concentrate on her other hit series, Ouran High School Host Club.

Trinity Blood

Author: YOSHIDA Sunao
Artist: KYUJYO Kiyo

Something to do with a war between humans and vampires.

Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives

Author: Ellen Schreiber
Artist: REM

The story of a goth-girl and her vampire boyfriend.

Bloody Kiss

Author: FURUMIYA Kazuko

A normal, healthy living girl inherits a mansion along with the vampires living in it from her grandmother. She falls in love with one of the vampire in the process.


Author: KATSURA Asuka

Based on the anime of the same name. Saya seems like an ordinary school girl but she was actually a….

Vassalord (Shounen-ai)

Author: CHRONO Nanae

A love affair between a vampire-hunter-cyborg who works for the Vatican and a clingy vampire.

Midnight Secretary

Author: OHMI Tomu

A perfect secretary falls for her boss who happens to be a arrogant and proud vampire.

Other notable Vampire titles:

Vampire Game

Vampire Juuji Kai

Pure Blood (Shounen-ai)

Vampire Girl

Blood Alone

Vampire Doll: Guilt-Na-Zan

RH Plus (Shounen-ai)

Tsuki no Himitsu (Yaoi novel)

Mitsu Aji Buraddo


3 thoughts on “Vampire Themed Manga/Manhwa v2

  1. I’ve also reviewed a few vampire titles in my blog. I really liked VK in the beginning but I wasn’t so happy with the ending. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I still think Hino Matsuri’s art is one of the best. I also was interested in Blood+ for a period, until I realised there were like 50 episodes and not a few books…;p

  2. aprilgirl87 says:

    The ending of VK anime I think is not quite the end yet, if you get what I mean since the manga is still ongoing and there’s no resolution to it yet. It would be nice if they decide to make another final season when the manga series ends.

    Have to agree with you on that…Hino Matsuri’s art is probably what captivated me in the beginning and the storyline second ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Still, I guess I just couldn’t choose between rooting for Zero or Kaname. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just too much of a sucker for happy endings.

    She’s got great detail in her work. I liked merupuri the most.

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