[J-Drama] Love Shuffle

It’s funny how four dwellers of a certain luxury apartment in Tokyo never actually meet each other although they live on the same floor, that is, until all four of them ride the elevator and all of the sudden there was a power outage. Call it coincident, fate, chance or whatever but that’s how Usami Kei, Aizawa Airu, Sera Oujiro and Kikuta Masato first met each other.

During the period when they were stuck in the elevator, they each shared their stories and from here we found out that Usami’s relationship with his fiance isn’t going too well, Aizawa has a clingy (and may I also add somewhat weird) steady boyfriend, Sera’s seeing a married woman and finally, Kikuta the psychologist suggest that they have a go at “love shuffle” to remedy their love problems.

I wonder, when the whole Love Shuffle thing ends, will they each realise that their respective current love is their “The ONE” or perhaps they will fall in love with one of their Love Shuffle partner?


My thoughts:
Usami’s too whiny and clingy. He seems incapable of making it on his own seeing as his position as a manager of IT department is based on his relationship with his boss’ daughter.

Aizawa’s one tough lady. I like that.

Sera’s a womaniser. Lol. As expected of a gorgeous-looking professional photographer who’s constantly surrounded by a bevy of beauties.

Truth to be told, I found out about this new series by chance when I Googled Tamaki Hiroshi. Thank goodness Love Shuffle isn’t disappointing at all.

For fans of Hana Yori Dango (I haven’t actually watch it just yet), you might recognise Matsuda Shota who was one of the F4 member in Hanadan. I didn’t really notice him until I watched Love Shuffle; call me shallow if you like but he’s looking rather hawttt in this new series if I may say so myself.


Edit (20090502)

Finally I got to finish the whole series and I must say that all the mystery and excitement brought up in the beginning amounted to nothing in the end but it was an entertaining drama series nonetheless and best of all I got to drool over Matsuda Shota (figure of speech). Still, it all ends well, just as how it should be. It would be nice if the producers would come up with a special episode or two to show us viewers what happened after the happy ending.


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