[Manga] Private Prince by Enjouji Maki

She was only supposed to get the materials for her master thesis from Wil but somehow she ended up becoming his study buddy, slept with him, dating him, and finally she walked down the aisle with HRH Prince Wilfred, the second line to the throne. Oh yeah, Wil first fell in love with her F-sized boobs and to Robert (Wil’s butler or assistant of some sort) Miyako is known as Ms. Mellons.

Sounds pretty straightforward, eh? Well, it is but as most stories of that line goes, the path to “happily ever after” isn’t a straightforward one. Miyako, for one has to bear responsibilities as an heiress of an inn and Wil, too has to carry his responsibilities as a Estolian’s prince; he can’t be having a commoner as his bride, much less a foreign one.

Private Prince spans in five volumes and throughout the five volumes we see Miyako struggled with her love-hate feelings towards Wil as well as the obstacles and objections from various parties that she and Wil had to face.

privateprince  —

My thoughts:

At first I thought that this will be yet another plotless-smuttish manga but I was wrong. It’s not plotless, it contains smut alright but kept at the minimum level, and not a mindless ones like most smut mangas are.

Overall, I kinda like it. I’ll be on a lookout for more Enjouji Maki’s work. Enough said.


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