Reasons for Joy

This post is quite random, if I may say so myself. Anyways, here goes nothing but my randomness…

Reason for joy #1: Nodame chapter 127 is released

First up, Nodame’s back!! I mean the manga serialization. When I first heard that the author, Ninomiya Tomoko is expecting and due to that, she has to put Nodame on hold. Okay…I can live without Nodame for a couple of months. Then the news came out that she suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and again, Nodame is on hiatus until further notice. The last chapter (chapter 126) ends with Nodame about to make her debut in a piano orchestra conducted by Stresemann (did I even spell it right?) and it was quite a cliffhanger. Can’t wait to see how Nodame fare in her English debut, will she sink or swim?

Reason for joy #2: D.Gray-man continues with chapter 179

Hoohoo….after being on hiatus for quite some time, D.Gray-man returns…with a new member of the order perhaps?

Reason for joy #3: Seven Days (Shounen-ai manga) is released!

When Aarinfantasy (the ultimate BL site, I think) announced that they were going on hiatus for a while, I thought that, man, it’s gonna be ages before I can read the continuation of Seven Days. But, it’s understandable that scanlators are mere humans and they have other lives as well….anyways, as of today, I’m settled for chapter 3 of Seven Days. Read the RAWs but it kinda annoys me that I don’t understand the dialogue (must learn Japanese some day!) and I wonder if the two main guys fell for each other in the end….

p.s – checked Baka-Updates and it says that it’s an ongoing series (yay!).


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