[BL Manga] Necratoholic

No matter how many times I reread this particular manga, I never fail to melt and the sight of those two main characters’ passionate love, coupled with sweet jealousy and “I hate yous” (which I supposed is their way of saying I love you).


Necratoholic is a manga by Meguro Wasabi and it’s more of a twisted-love-hate-relationship (and it bloomed into a passionate love) between Sakuya the vampire and Atsumi the dhampir (half-vampire).

Essentially, vampires and dhampirs are forbidden to “mingle” or in other words, they aren’t supposed to be having sex with each other at all – for a good reason. You see, when a vampire and dhampir “mingled”, the healing power of the dhampir is reduced dramatically (dhampirs have high healing ability to begin with due to their mixed blood from their human and vampire parents).

Another fact about dhampir (in Necratoholic, that is): they have a crest on their tongue and when the tongue comes in contact with a vampire, the vampire will be numbed and will not be able to move temporarily. For that reason, they are born to be vampire hunters and in this case, Sakuya is the hunted while, Atsumi is the hunter and so, the game of cat-and-mouse-chase begins…



Seriously, I can reread Necratoholic over and over again and the same feeling of…how should I describe it…it’s the feeling that you usually have when you read about two person who are madly in love with each other, so in love that one would kill the other just to keep him/her forever and ever. In this case, Sakuya was crestfallen and mad with jealousy when Atsumi appeared to be serving Hellsing…he was raged with jealousy that he stabbed Atsumi. At that moment, his thought was “if I can’t have him, I’ll just take him” (my heart literally melted and I was squealing inside).

So what’s my verdict in regards of this manga? It’s a definitely a keeper…at least for me. I love how the characters are head-over-heels over each other and of course, Sakuya’s gothic style of clothing wows me and it really does suit him. Plot-wise, I think it’s rather far-fetched what with the vampires, dhampirs (mythic creatures) and all but overall, what I like best is the relationship that those two have – it’s so sweet!


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