[Manhwa] Angel Diary (Destination Heaven Chronicles)

From the author of Demon Diary, comes Angel Diary (how appropriate) and like its prequel, the art and storyline manage to capture my interest.


Dong-Young is the Princess of Heaven and is currently betrothed to a certain King of Hell as a peace treaty between Heaven and Hell. Not knowing who her fiancé is, she runs off to earth and hide in attempt to avoid the marriage. Four guardians of heaven are then dispatched to retrieve her back to heaven.

While on earth, she disguised herself as a boy and attends high school; and so does her guardians. There, she met hunky Bi-Wal and he was all over her so much that it would seem that they were in a forbidden relationship to the bystanders (to them Dong-Young is a boy)…little did she know that Bi-Wal is not what he really seemed.

*Fast forward to Volume 7*

Spoilers ahead…read at your own risk

In volume 7, we find that:

  • Queen Hong (the king of heaven’s wife) is really the elder sister of Bi-Wal. They even resembled each other a lot but for some reason, Dong-Young who have actually seen Queen Hong’s face don’t see the resemblance between them…then again, it’s well-known that Dong-Young can be a lost cause at times.
  • Bi-Wal is the actual King of Hell (as revealed by Queen Hong), not his elder twin brother. Apparently, they were born few hours apart and that the birth of his elder brother is not blessed by the moon (that is why Bi-Wal’s hair is jet black while the elder brother’s hair’s snow white) and as such, Bi-Wal is the one rightful to the throne.
  • Dong-Young falls for Bi-Wal and confessed to him…before she found out that he is in fact, the actual king of hell and most importantly, her fiancé.



My thoughts

I like it! Love the art (done by Kara) and it has engaging storyline (story by Lee Yun-Hee) as well, Like the premise of heaven and earth and most of all, I just can’t stop ogling Bi-Wal, the major eye-candy of this series.

Truth to be told, I kinda lost interest in it until I saw the plot development in volume 7 and that recaptured my interest. Can’t wait to see how it ends but like most shoujo mangas/manhwas, the ending is kinda predictable in regards of who will end up with the heroine by the end of the series (my money’s all on Bi-Wal).


Image obtained from Wikipedia.


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