Special A has ended…among many other things

It made me wonder at first as on how would Minami Maki end the popular series. Will she end it with Kei and Hikari 10 years ahead in the future? Or will we see Kei proposing to Hikari on their senior high graduation day? So many possibilities (I know they all seem preposterous on my part) but none of them hit bull’s-eye.

I’m not sure if I like how it ended; somehow I feel that the ending seems “inadequate” and it could have ended in a better way.


Big thanks to Potato-Otaku for scanlating S.A. final chapter!


Vampire Knight chapter 49

Hmm…looks like Yuki did chose Kaname over Zero, did she? Makes me wonder if Yuki did hold some special feelings for Zero in the beginning but she did went off with Kaname. It seems to me that VK has just started to get interesting (I actually stopped reading VK in the middle of chapter 30-ish thinking that the story was getting nowhere). In the next installment, we’ll get to see what happened to the rest of the pure-blood vampies a year later (we all know that Zero is very much alive and he was last seen killing a vampire at the end of this chapter).

p.s – Love the VK special chapter, the one that depicts Haruka and Juri (Yuki’s parents) under-the-umbrella-moment. It was sweet alright.

*Off to find my very own umbrella fantasy*



If you read the last few chapters of the CLAMP series, you must have known that Yuuko along with her servants have disappeared into thin air. I wonder where has she gone off to…

The story is getting somewhat deeper what with the sudden revelation (as revealed in a Tsubasa chapter) that Syaoran-Li and Sakura of CardCaptor Sakura were Watanuki’s parents. I’m officially lost as on what’s going on in the series (=.=)

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimihiro_Watanuki


Junjou Mistake

Just finished reading the final chapter of Romantica-spinoff (sort of). Every single chapter leaves a cliffhanger that heightened my anticipation for the next one (isn’t that what cliffhangers are suppose to do) and the final one just left me wanting for more. It would be nice if the author, Nakamura Shungiku add this couple to her Junjou Romantica series.

All in all, it was rather sweet, the part where Isaka and Asahina were in love each other but they just don’t realise each other’s feelings (Isaka had the impression that Asahina was really in love with his old man (Isaka’s father) when the person whom Asahina really in love with was Isaka all along). My heart was throbbing as Isaka pined for Asahina, thinking that his childhood friend and companion was something he could never obtain.




The latest chapter left me hanging. Third exorcist? What is all that about? What’s with Kanda Yuu being the second exorcist? I have the feeling that in the coming chapters more of Kanda’s past will be revealed.

It would seem that D.Gray-man is on hold (as announced on D.Gray-man chapter 186)…yet again. Not sure what the reasons are but word has it has something to do with the author’s health. If that’s the case, I wish her well.

I so can’t get enough of D.Gray-man!!!

Note to self: patience is a virtue.


And now, I’m off to do what I’m supposed to do….ciao!


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