[Manga] Hana to Akuma

The artwork is a bit odd, if you ask me but for some unknown reason(s) I’m drawn to this manga.

Hana to Akuma, or literally translated as Flower and Devil (or demon?) authored by Oto Hisamu tells the story of a devil of noble descent (at least in hell) residing on earth together with his servants and a human girl whom he had raised. The demon in question, Vivi doted upon the human girl, Hana which raised questions by many quarters as on why would a man-eating demon (literally speaking) would care for an ordinary human girl? At first, it would seem that Vivi is a pedo (Hana is only 14 as of current) but as the story moves along it is obvious that Vivi genuinely care for her and perhaps even love her as a woman (as seen on his display of jealousy when Hana’s with men other than him)?

At one glance Hana to Akuma doesn’t appeal to me but I’m hooked on it. Not particularly fond of the mangaka’s drawing style but I still read it without fail when new chapters are released. What’s your take on Hana to Akuma?



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