[Manhwa] Cynical Orange

Pretty people seem to get their way around things without putting much effort, huh? Even in the stickiest situation, they somehow manage to their way around it, without getting their hands dirtied, of course. But that’s not the case with Hye Min. She may have the good looks and all but because of her beauty guys only see her as a pretty thing while the girls see her as an enemy.

She fell for a certain guy in school and to get into his good books, she put on all the fake smiles and being all nice. Whenever she was being picked on or being bullied, she never retaliated and that I think became a turn-off for her crush’s part. When she realised that all her fake acts were useless anyways, she reverted back to her true self. She fought back and doesn’t seem to be bothered of what her crush would think of her as her true self. She is capable of hitting those who hit her and for a girl, her love for horror movies (think Sunako of Perfect Girl Evolution) may seem extreme for some people but her crush thought that it was cool that she’s being herself, have her own mind, not putting some fake acts and most importantly, she fought back when she she was being bullied.

With her good looks, guys tend to come in droves. While she was down in the dumps after she was obviously rejected by her crush (before she reverted back to her true self), she caught the eye of some guy. Being cynical (hence the title Cynical Orange?) and distrustful of men, she rejected him right on the spot. He was relentless though and kept hounding her for the next few days and after some mishap (where he broke her cellphone) he was forced to work at her oppa’s place to repay her back.

Speaking of her oppa, at first it would seem that they are blood-related but they’re not. She just happened to bumped into him after a bad day in school one day. She was crying and vulnerable but her oppa encourage her and told her to fight back and survive. Ever since then, whenever she’s down her oppa would always be there to cheer her up at the end of the day.

I’m wondering, how does she really feel about her oppa? The way she depended on him would seem as if she look up on him as her big brother but is that it? He’s a hunk all right (again, I’m a sucker for guys who look great in long locks).

It’s a story of a girl, her crush, a guy who likes her (he seemed like a player though, as implied by her crush), and her oppa who seemed like a real brother to her. She’s so gonna end up with one of them, isn’t she?

Cynical Orangev2


My thoughts:

Cynical Orange is the first manhwa by Yun Ji-Un that I have read. My first impression was, “wow, what a pretty art!”. All her characters are drawn beautifully and plot-wise, it is shoujo all right but her main character, Hye-Min is not some weak girl who pines away for the guy she had her crush on. She’s strong and a no-nonsense kind of person.

Overall, yeah, I enjoyed Cynical Orange but I like her other work Dear Waltz even better. Her artworks have improved since then.


Note: Cynical Orange is licensed in English by Ice Kunion.


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