[J-Drama] Vampire Host

I enjoyed Kaori Yuki’s Bloodhound and looking for more of it even. Too bad it only lasted for 4 chapters. But hey, there’s a live action TV series based on the manga  renamed as Vampire Host (a.k.a Vampire Gigolo).


Similar to its manga counterpart, the story opens with Rion, a high school girl in search for her missing best friend, Shiho. The only clue she has is the name card of a certain vampire host club and the last telephone call from her asking for help and that the vampire, a real vampire has her (Shiho). Her search leads her to Kranken Haus (it sounds German to me), a host club banking on women’s fascination with vampirism. There, she met Suou, one of the host in Kranken Haus (in the manga, he was the owner of the host club) and also a true vampire. Convinced that Suou definitely know something of Shiho’s whereabouts, she broke an expensive Don Perignon liqour on purpose (in order to be hired as a part-timer in the host club so that she could keep and eye on Suou whom she suspected had something to do with Shiho’s disappearance) and was subsequently hired by the host club boss as a part-timer in order to pay off what she had broke. One thing leads to another and in the end, it was found that the culprit is their (Rion and Shiho’s) high school teacher who has a certain fetish with blood (ewwwww).

In the live action series, the story doesn’t end there.

Rion continues to work at Kranken Haus and never fails to tease Suou by calling him “eternally-number-two” for failing to secure the top spot as the top host every time and whenever Suou pisses her off, she would simply give him a kick. As the story goes on, more mysteries popped up. There’s a werewolf, a so-called witch, a shinigami (God of death), an invisible man stalker in which they all amounted to nothing in the end. And along the way, it appears that the once indifferent (towards human, that is) Suou seemed genuinely care for Rion and even worries for her safety at some point.

Note: In the manga, it is found that Rion is actually the reincarnation of a woman whom Suou is in love with long ago.


My thoughts:

The part where Suou transform into a super-vampire  is tad unnecessary. The transformation scene alone took about a minute or two and he will say the same old line over and over again (it annoyed Rion to no end. lol.). It looks superficial and kinda reminded me of Sailormoon. And oh, Suou’s personality also reminded me of another host, Ouran High School Host Club’s Tamaki. Lol. 

And also the sound effect sounded so wrong. If I hear correctly, the sound effect that was played during Suou’s transformation sounds like that of a roaring tiger/lion/whatever. It doesn’t sound vampire-like at all.

Overall, in my opinion, Vampire Host is just a cheesy offering and sort of entertaining if you don’t take it too seriously.



There are 12 episodes in total (6 stories) and the series is licensed in English as Bloodhound by Bandai Entertainment.


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