Kuroshitsuji Chapter 33

This time around, the main highlights are the three Phantomhive servants – Bard, Finian, and Maylene.

Whoa, now we all know why Bard the cook can’t cook, Maylene the clumsy bespectacled maid can never do her job in one piece, and Finian the gardener with Herculean strength who can’t even do gardening job properly. It’s probably because they are from military background specially chosen by Ciel and Sebastian to protect the Phantomhive family.

Nothing is what it seems, eh? Lesson learnt: never judge books by their covers. Lol. Can’t wait for more Kuroshitsuji.

Thanks to Bleach Asylum for scanlating the series.

I’m now seeing the Phantomhive servants in a new light:

kuroshitsuji33 kuroshitsuji33_31 kuroshitsuji33_8


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