Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 70.5 (Extra)

This chapter tells us the story of how Haruhi’s parents met for the first time and eventually fell in love. Sweet.


Fujioka Ryouji (Haruhi’s dad) was 19 and a part-timer at a local bar where Katayama Kotoko (Haruhi’s mom), a 25-year-old lawyer frequents. At first, it would seem that Fujioka is gay but somehow he fell for her (Haruhi’s mom). He tried to be manly in front of Katayama and Katayama in turn, regards all his actions as cute and before she knew it, she fell for him.

I’m wondering, is it possible for a gay man to be attracted to a woman? Or was it the cool and “manly” part of Katayama that he fell for? Haruhi’s mom was after all a fan of Zuka Club (read the earlier chapter as on what Zuka Club is all about).

Well, this chapter definitely explains how Haruhi’s dad turned into an okama after the demise of his wife.


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