[Anime] Ristorante Paradiso

The part where a bunch of older men surrounding a young woman doesn’t appeal to me and the art was well, not the type that I come across often. However, the art and colour tone seems “inviting” and nice so I gave it a shot and it grew on me.


From Anime News Network:

Nicoletta is a young woman who decides to go to Rome to see her mother who left her when she was a child. she plans to tell her mother’s lover(a restaurant owner who will not marry a divorced woman)that her mother was once married. Nicoletta latter struggles to understand her feeling for Claudio(an older man) who works at the restaurant.


Nicoletta’s mom left her at her grandmother’s before she took off. “There’s a man that I want to marry,” she said. “but he wouldn’t marry a divorcee with children”. Seriously. Her mom really did had the heart to leave her only daughter for the sake of one man.

Few years down the road, Nicoletta’s now a young woman in Rome searching for her mom, Olga. Her search led her to a quaint little restaurant where the staffs are entirely made of elderly gentlemen. Sort of host-club-ish but with older gentlemen…go figure.

Her mom’s new husband, Lorenzo is the owner of the restaurant and apparently, every details of the restaurant including the staffs are made according to his wife’s likings and hence the older gentlemen (old enough to be a grandfather even) with glasses (she has a glasses fetish it seems). Nicoletta had wanted to reveal the truth to the owner that she is the daughter of his wife (Olga) but she decided against it after much persuasion from her mom.

The restaurant is lively and bustling with customers and it is fully-booked most of the time. That’s probably thanks to the older, mature gentlemen that serves at the restaurant. Ah, if only these gentlemen are 40 years younger.

Nicoletta is smitten with Claudio, one of the waiters at the restaurant. Claudio, however doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings.

After six episodes I think I can see where this anime is going. In the beginning it focuses on Nicoletta and her unsolved issues with her mom and then to the part where she’s crushing on Claudio. By the fourth or fifth episode, bits of the history of the restaurant and the employees are revealed.


I never thought that I would actually watch anime of this sort (older-men-bishounen, unusual artwork) but after a couple of episodes, Ristorante Paradiso did grow on me and I thought, “what was I thinking?” the artwork is actually nice. Watching this makes me feel like going to one of these restaurants myself, that is, if there’s any at all.


Ristorante Paradiso anime is based on a manga by Ono Natsume.


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