[Manga] My Barbaric Girlfriend

I’d have to hand it down to Morinaga Ai for being a master (or rather, mistress) of comedy.

What happens if a guy and a girl switched bodies? Hilarities ensue of course! In this case, it seems more appropriate since the guy and girl in question are feminine and manly respectively.

From Baka-Updates:

From Tokyopop:
Rude girl and effeminate boy switch bodies and find that it might be a better fit for both of them. Lots of crazy comedy. Nanako Momoi is the belle of high school… as long as she stays quiet. Once she shows her true self, guys’ dreams are shattered for she is a true tomboy. Akira Uehara has the looks and brains, but, unfortunately, his personality is so dull it overcasts a shadow, and nobody notices him. One day, Nanako’s grandfather comes up with a crazy invention, and Nanako and Akira trade personalities! She’s he, and he’s she!

My Barbaric Girlfriend is a gender bender at its best. Lots of funny moments especially when Akira, the boy in a girl’s body started to nosebleed at the sight of the body that he is in and the part where Momoi, the girl who constantly warn him not to do anything weird to her body. Lol.

The “arrangement” seems well considering that Momoi is a tomboy at heart whereas Akira is a weakly boy who made a much better girl than Momoi would ever be but things are about to get complicated as Momoi is getting a little too comfortable with Akira’s body and refuses to switch back. Added into the complication is Akira’s best friend, Sembongi.

Seeing as Akira is in Momoi’s body, Sembongi started to see Momoi in a new light. He’s definitely straight, as far as I can tell but…

Sembongi is totally aware that it was Akira in Momoi’s body but he still pursued him (or her?) and it seems obvious that he likes him (or her?). And from the looks of it, Sembongi doesn’t mind that it is in fact, Akira in Momoi’s body but if they switch back, would his feelings towards Akira (or Momoi?) still remain the same? Then again, if we look at it objectively, the person that Sembongi likes is actually the gentle Akira. Hmm…BL in the making? Haha!

As for Momoi who’s in Akira’s body, she is currently going out with Shiina, her best friend. Shiina on the other hand, isn’t aware that the Akira that she’s dating is in fact, Shiina in Akira’s body. Shoujo-ai?

If you ask me, I seriously can’t tell how My Barbaric Girlfriend would end. Would Akira live on as a girl in Momoi’s body and Momoi as a boy in Akira’s body? Which would you prefer?



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Both My Barbaric Girlfriend and Tale of Yamada Tarou are also made into live action series.


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