[Manga] God Child by Kaori Yuki

I haven’t shed a tear for a very long time, that is until I reached the conclusion of God Child, yet another Kaori Yuki masterpiece. Am so not exaggerating here, read the series till the end and you’ll find out why. A must-not-miss for all Kaori Yuki fans out there.

*Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk*

Cain is hated by his father mainly because he was the product of incest between his father, Alexis and his father’s sister, Augusta as well as the cause for Augusta’s suicide but nothing is what it seems, or so I realised after I read the final chapter.

In the beginning of the series, it mostly centred on Cain’s mystery/murder solving. Together with Riff, his butler (and close confidant?) they solved crimes. The plot thickens when they found out that Alexis is still alive and now a leader of a secret organisation that conducts a research on resurrecting dead bodies hoping that he can bring back his beloved sister Augusta back to life. To achieve that goal, Alexis manipulates those around him and in the process many innocent people were victimised. So as to prevent that from happening again, Cain vow to thwart his father’s evil plan once and for all, and his resolve is thickened when Riff “betrayed” him.

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The ending:


It turned out that Riff has a dual personality which he managed to overcome in the end. Both Cain and Riff met a tragic end though. Seeing that Cain died in Riff’s arm made my tears fall. Ah…the relationship that they had is truly beautiful.

And oh, Alexis doesn’t seem to be the baddie here. As it turned out, it was all Augusta’s doings; seducing him and manipulating him into hating his own son as revealed in the final chapter as she possessed Alexis’ body and attempted to kill Mary Weather in which she failed, killing herself in the end thanks to the trap that Cain had set earlier.


Love Kaori Yuki’s art and her plotlines are not quite the usual ones you see in shoujo mangas. It’s dark and gothic which I like best.

Her nice artwork aside, as mentioned, her stories are usually not what you would expect in a shoujo manga (aside from the bishie of course) what with all the twists and turns coupled with tragic ending (in the case of God Child and Angel Sanctuary as well I heard). A nice wind of change from all the usual predictable shoujo stuffs.


Note: God Child is actually the sequel of (or part of?) Hakushaku Cain Series. I have yet to read that yet.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Cain


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