[Anime] Natsume Yuujinchou

From the drawing and mellow songs as its opening and ending themes, I thought that this one is gonna be a bore. Storyline is good and it has this sentimental feeling, if you get what I mean and it turned out good – left me with warm feelings inside. And come to think of it, the drawing is really beautiful.

Natsume Takashi has the ability to see youkais (spirits) since he was little. His late grandmother, Reiko also had the same ability.

Natsume is an orphan and is often tossed from one relative to another. They thought that there’s something seriously wrong with him what with him kept saying that he sees things that ordinary human beings can’t. Adults around him thinks that he say all those “nonsense” just to get their attention.

After being tossed from one family to another, he finally ended up with the kind Fujiwaras. From that point on, he decided to keep his ability a secret so as to not burden his foster parents who were so kind enough to take him in. Unfortunately for him, his ability can be quite a hindrance sometimes.

After the death of Reiko, Natsume inherited her “book of friends” or what you would refer to as yuujinchou. The book of friends isn’t any ordinary book. It contains the names of youkais that Reiko had collected when she won the duels with those youkais. With their names, one can just summon any of the youkais to do his/her bidding or even kill the youkai itself. Because of this, Natsume is pursued by just about every youkais in his neighbourhood; each of them either wanted to get their names back or to obtain the book for themselves and among those youkais is Madara.

Madara is a powerful and strong spirit but due to some reasons (which I don’t remember), his power has weakened and he is not able to assume his normal form permanently and instead he takes the appearance of a cat.

Unable to obtain the book from Natsume, they made a deal that after Natsume’s death, the book will be given to Madara. And may I add, due to his current appearance of a cat, Natsume named him Nyanko-sensei and from then on, Madara is to be his bodyguard against spirits that intends to harm him until his death.

Some random images of the series taken from various sources on the internet (I do not own these images):

image natsume

From episode 4 of Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou (it is so adorable, don’t you just wanna hold this little guy in your palms?):


For your knowledge, this little guy pictured here is a tatsumi (if I recall correctly), a type of youkai similar to dragons in which they are left on their own once they are born. Once hatched, tatsumis will take on the appearance of the very first living creature they see (in this case, it’s Natsume) and when they are old enough, they assume their actual form.

Note: thank goodness that Nyanko-sensei isn’t the first thing that this little guy saw. lol.


Natsume Yuujinchou is based on a manga series of the same name by Midorikawa Yuki and is licensed in English by Viz.


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