Kimi ni Todoke anime/J-Drama adaptations

Was Googling for random stuffs and landed on Out of curiosity I clicked on Fall 2009 anime schedule and found out that Kimi ni Todoke anime by Production I.G. (which have yet to disappoint me) is scheduled for fall 2009. Kimi ni Todoke…I thought that this sounds oddly familiar. True enough, after some Googling I found out that it’s based on a manga by Shiina Karuho and it’s on my reading list actually. And get this, a live-action J-Drama adaptation is rumoured to be in works.

For those who don’t know, Kimi ni Todoke is a romantic comedy. Here’s the gist of what it’s all about:

Sawako nicknamed Sadako of The Ring fame due to her gloominess (that doesn’t even rival Perfect Girl Evolution’s Sunako of course) and her quiet nature. Kazehaya on the other hand is a lively and good-looking classmate of hers whom she had taken notice recently. She idolised him and wish that she could be just as outgoing and friendly as him. At least that’s what she thought. Me thinks that she had fallen for him but she’s tad unaware of that. Kazehaya in turn also took notice of her and had fallen for her but wouldn’t want to admit it.


Typical shoujo? Perhaps it is but the innocent love that those two have is rather sweet coupled with the fact that Sadako, oops, Sawako isn’t like any other girls who went ga-ga over Kazehaya just because of his looks and Kazehaya isn’t the type who judge a book by its cover.

Definitely looking forward to the anime come fall 😀

More info:


Note: Kimi ni Todoke manga is licensed in English by Viz.


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