[Manga] The World God Only Knows

I like the premise of the series – a boy who hates girls in general but is forced to make girls fall for him? This sounds interesting.

The World God Only Knows (Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai)

Katsuragi Keita is obsessed with dating simulation games. In his hand, there’s always at least a PFP (it does looked awfully a lot like a Sony PSP) with one of his dating simulation game on, even in class to the point that his teachers no longer care. In the game world, he’s the kamisama (God) of capturing (girls in the dating sim, that is) but in real life, he hates them and perceive them as less than perfect than their virtual counterparts and thus, he’s known as otamegane (a combination of otaku and glasses (megane)).

Along came Elsie, a devil from hell who is tasked with capturing runaway spirits. Here’s the thing, these spirits hide within girls’ hearts. Keita entered into a contract with Elsie unwittingly and thus he is to make those girls fall in love with him in order to release those spirits from the girls’ body.The logic is, once the girls’ heart is filled with love, there will be no space for these spirits to live in. After the runaway spirits residing in those girls’ body is released and contained, the girls’ memories of ever interacting with Keita is then erased.

As the series go along, Keita interacts with host of female characters which include his classmates and even his teacher.



My thoughts:

My first thought was, there are hardly any ecchi elements (common in most shounen mangas) at all. Not too fond of ecchi though, as a matter of fact, it turns me off (probably because I’m not a guy?). I’m glad that it’s almost nonexistent.

Elsie may be a devil but she’s a clumsy and incompetent one at that! More than often she became the source of joke. For instance, to stay closer to Keita, she actually went to his house and proclaimed that she’s the illegitimate daughter of Keita’s father which of course prompted Keita’s mom to contact and threaten Keita’s dad (his mother is supposedly a former member of a gang in her younger days). Instead of throwing a fit and shooing a certain “pest” out of the house, Keita’s mom became affectionate towards Elsie and accept her into the household. Lol.

If you’re looking for fun and entertainment, you should try this out. I’m in purely for the fun and not some serious reading.



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