[Anime] Ga-rei Zero

In the distant future, Japan seems to be infested by monsters and as such, the Ministry of Defense has established a special group called the Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters just to deal with these paranormal creatures.

Tsuchimiya Kagura and Isayama Yomi both hail from distinguished families that have been wielding spiritual beasts for centuries. It is a duty for those who inherit spiritual beasts to use it against the said paranormal creatures, and in the event of their fathers’ deaths, they both inherited the spiritual beasts as well as the duty to rid the world of supernatural creatures.

Kagura and Yomi were childhood friends, they were as close as they can get to the point that screams “yuri!!!!!” but then all hell broke lose one day.

Yomi’s cousin, Mei was envious of Yomi who will inherit the Isayama family’s heirloom, a sword called Shishio. It was unthinkable that Yomi who doesn’t have a drop of Isayama blood in her veins get to inherit the sword whereas she, the one with Isayama bloodline running in her veins is denied of such privilege. With anger and jealousy built up within her, she was enticed into accepting the death stone. This stone promises its user great power but in the process, the user’s soul will be consumed by the stone. Mei, already consumed by the stone started killing Yomi’s father and eventually going after Yomi as well later on but she was killed by Yomi in the end. Right after killing Mei, Yomi confronted the true source of Mei’s madness, Kazuhiro Mitogawa who gave Mei the death stone. After the confrontation, Yomi was found severely injured and has then lost the ability to move and speak…she was nothing but a living doll. In the event of her father and Mei’s death, suspicions that Yomi may be the murderer arises. To top it all off, the Izunas cancelled of her engagement with Noriyuki whom she loved dearly. With all that shit, she is bound to burst anytime and somewhere along the way, Kazuhiro appeared again and this time around, he had successfully enticed Yomi into accepting the death stone and ever since then, everything changes.

With Yomi going berserk, her former colleagues were given the task of exterminating her, her former fiancé, Noriyuki included. Given that they both had history together, it is inevitable that killing Yomi is an impossible task for Noriyuki, the same can be said for Kagura who had tough time killing her as well.

It appears that there was a tiny bit of conscience within Yomi. She started to question herself – did the stone really grant her wish? If so, did the stone really know what her wish was? Her true wish was to protect Kagura from harm even if she was the cause of harm…with that, she died in Kagura’s hands.

Fast forward two years later, we see Kagura and Kensuke (who eventually became the main protagonist in the manga) battling a monster at the Tokyo Tower.

ga-rei2 ga_rei


My Thoughts:

I was already following the manga before the anime was out and before I knew it, I got bored (with the manga) and I put it on hold for a while. Watched the anime Ga-rei Zero and by the sixth episode I decided to stop there ‘cos I’m not accustomed to watching yuri. There are hints of yuri, all right! And plus, since this anime is targeted at shounen audience, there are some “fan service” that I’m not too keen on (probably because I’m not a guy). That was a couple of months back, and yesterday, I finally watched it till the end…I’m glad I did. Hmm…I still can’t stand Mei’s bitchiness though, and come to think of it, if it wasn’t for her, Yomi wouldn’t go bad…boohoo!

Putting all that yuri stuff aside, the show is action-packed, fast-paced and not to mention, gory what with all the bloodbaths. Cool. At least for me, this is enjoyable compared to mecha-based animes (will have to give it another shot when I have the time…Code Geass or Gundam maybe?).

Ga-rei Zero served as a prequel to the manga version of the series, and it really does a fine job in detailing the stuffs that happened prior to the main storyline of the manga, especially the details on how Yomi became what she is the manga, to be more precise, how she went bad. And oh, did I mention that I see an eye-candy in Kensuke (episode 12)? Haha! Noriyuki isn’t too bad either…I like his personality better in the manga.

I’m quite satisfied with Ga-rei Zero and now I’m off to the manga…ciao!


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