My Latest Obsession: Togainu no Chi

Nope. I have never played the game in my entire life, nor will I be ever seeing myself playing one due to two reasons: it’s in Japanese and I can’t understand a single Japanese word without English subtitle; it’s a BL game…my parents would have a fit if they ever see me playing it. I do however, read the manga adaptation of the popular Nitro+chiral BL game and so far, so good…drawing’s an ok, storyline is supposedly more or less similar as its game counterpart which I find interesting.

Here’s how the story goes: Japan has been divided into two parts after a war and one part of it has been taken over by a criminal organisation. Now, this organisation puts up a game whereby participants are required to do what it takes to survive even if it means killing others. Enters Akira who was wrongly accused of a murder which he did not commit and he is sentenced to life imprisonment. A mysterious one-armed woman then offered him another option – head over to Igura (where the deadly game takes place) and participate in the game and win…and so, it’s either that or life imprisonment and he chose the former.

Truth to be told, I have read several Togainu no Chi doujinshis and I find Shiki (one of the character) rather good looking all dressed in black. Haha…I sorta have a thing for guys who look great in black outfit and I daresay he looks way better than D.Gray-man’s Kanda Yu whom I’m rather fond of.


Right. I think I’m getting rather too deep into my fantasy to the point that I find animated guys are more appealing than actual living men…time to get a reality check. Ciao.


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