[Manga] Seven Days (Shounen-ai)

It has been quite some time that I actually found a decent BL manga to read and Seven Days is beyond decent…it’s AWESOME, at least for me. I like it so much that I actually downloaded the Japanese RAW versions although I can’t understand a single Japanese word. Oh well, I’ll just have to put my guessing skill to use in attempting to figure out the heads and tails of the series while waiting for the English translation from Aarinfantasy and Vices and Devices, albeit unsuccessfully (I think).

Seven_Days_CoverBoth Shino Yuzuru and Seryou Touji are popular among girls for their good looks (duh!) but they are different in many ways.

Shino has the good looks and personality to match with, or so most girls in his school thinks. Heck, he is one of the star in the school’s archery team (he sure is smokin’ hot in his archery uniform). However, once the girls began dating Shino, they will broke off soon enough after they actually witness Shino’s true self – he’s sloppy and unrefined…in short he’s not the prince that those girls dream of. Girls can be superficial, eh?

Seryou on the other hand, is a different story all together. You see, it is well-known around the school that he is willing to date anyone for a week as long as she (or he) confesses to him on a Monday. Once the seven days are up, he will decide whether to continue dating that person or not depending on whether he feels something towards the other person.

These two, their path crosses one day as Shino happened to run into him while he waits for the pizza delivery person in front of the school. They talked, and for some reason Shino proposes that they date for a week on a whim…Seryou, surprisingly, agrees to the arrangement.

Truth to be told, I fell in love at first sight with the cover graced by bishounens (how typical of me) and when I read the series synopsis, I find myself even more interested in how the story goes. When I actually read the manga, I am in awe with the artwork…and from then onwards, I’m on the lookout for more works by Takarai Rihito (love his/her art or more specifically, the bishounens…lol). Too bad that so far (according to Baka-Updates) that Seven Days is his/her only BL manga to date…wish that there’s more. I’m definitely a sucker for this type of BL manga…


15 thoughts on “[Manga] Seven Days (Shounen-ai)

  1. Linkya says:

    oh really I love it too
    It’s hard to find a good shounen-ai now.but this one is totally exceptional.
    I don’t understand why it’s not famous.
    Maybe they prefer yaoi or something.

  2. Catandmouse says:

    So, I had seen this series updates on mangaupdates.com but never gave it a second thought, then one day I decided to click on it and see what it was about and the rest is history! it’s a really good story!I just finished looking at the chinese raws, even though i have no idea what its saying, but at least the drawings are nice to look at, and I read on mangafox’s forums that it has been licensed in the US, but i can’t find any more info on that! i really hope its true that it has been licensed, cus I would so buy is ASAP!

    • nightfox says:

      A rare gem, I’d say. It’s definitely one worth buying if it’s licensed. According to Baka-Updates, the first volume has been licensed by JUNE.

    • nightfox says:

      Hi Claudia,

      I believe you can still get it from Vices and Devices , that is before it gets removed (due to licensing) some time in new year 2010. Alternatively, you can still find it on Manga Fox site.


  3. JustAnotherName says:


    This is my first time visiting your site. I came here because of Seven Days lol. I was trying to look for other mangas that the artist or author has produced, and google led me here. Since the artist did not produce another manga, can I ask that you recommend me some other similar mangas ?

    • nightfox says:

      Hi JustAnotherName,

      Hmm…if you’re looking for a manga similar to Seven Days, I assume that you’re more into shounen-ai rather than yaoi right? In any case, I would totally recommend Only The Ring Finger Knows unless of course, you have read it before.

      On another note, you might also like Hybrid Child. It’s my personal favourite. The storyline is nothing like Seven Days though.


      • JustAnotherName says:

        Hi NightFox,

        Ah thanks. Can I know where to read it? I’m not familiar with baka-updates. As for mangafox, the scanlated ones are up but the quality is not very satisfying…

      • nightfox says:

        You can download them from Manga Traders or Evil Empire. For Evil Empire you’ll need to register and post at least 10 non-spam posts (if I remember correctly) before you can access the downloads though.

        And oh, the two mangas that I mentioned are available in English so if you like them you can always purchase them.

        Cheers and happy reading!

  4. jrah2458 says:

    There’s actually another manga by Takarai Rihito called Kaze ni Chiru Hanabira to Kisu. You can read it in MangaFox and it’s soooo amazing. I love it so much. Unfortunately, they haven’t finished the scans or something.

    And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEVEN DAYS. It’s one of my favourite mangas of all time. I love the bishounens too 😛

    I hope Takarai Rihito releases more mangas. Her (I think it’s a her) art just draws you in and you can’t stop reading the manga. (I’m quite passionate about this)

    • nightfox says:

      Hi jrah2458,

      Kaze ni Chiru Hanabira to Kisu is actually done by HIMEGI Mika, not Takarai Rihito. Having read it before, I enjoyed it.

      Perhaps the manga (by Takarai Rihito) that you were referring to is Hana no Mizo Shiru? I’ve got to thank you for this info. Seriously, thank you so much 😀 Like yourself, I’m a huge fan of Takarai Rihito’s works.

  5. LittleMissL says:

    I love this manga, it’s one of my absolute fav! I really like the style, the plot (well I’m wondering how it’s gonna end with them after graduation but guess I can just fill that in myself ^^) and it’s just too sweet 🙂 It’s such a shame it isn’t more famous, I would love to see an anime verison ^^ (2 OVA’s for example xd) but I can’t wait till it’s for sale (at the site where I want to buy it it’s kinda weird, they say it’s already released but you still have to pre-order :S well guess I have to wait. It’s also too bad it’s split up in 2 parts, have to wait for part 2 than 😦 unfair! haha).

  6. WaywardLeigh says:

    Like many others, my search to find something similar to Seven Days has led me here. I really love that manga…. *sighs*
    Anyway, everyone should check out Hana no Mizoshiru (Only the Flower Knows). It’s also by Takarai Rihito so the art is amazing of course. He/She is the author too actually. MangaFox has it up. Still ongoing at the moment….
    Gah, I want to read the next chapter NOW!!
    I’ve seen a few other manga illustrated my Mr./Ms. Takarai Rihito, but have had no luck finding them in English. :/

  7. Rei says:

    ~aww.. i peronally love this manga too.. Seven days is definitely one of my favorite readings~ ^^ i read wide range of bl mangas.. but this one is one the managas i’ll never forget i guess.. i like stories like this.. where you can see how the two characters develop and discover their feelings for each other.. with some conflict and all.. i like how the mangaka portrays every single day of their “week-long relationship” .. i really love it.. it’s not slow pace.. every single chapter has something interesting in it >,< I've read this manga 5 times already by now I guess.. lol.. Have read it the first time last year~ ^^ just wanna remember the feeling I had while reading this every once in a while.. it's heartwarming for me.. I guess~~ ^^

  8. Y8 says:

    It is one of the best yaoi manga series I’ve ever read. Memories of the Future/Where the wind blows is also amazing. And Seven Days left me speechless. There are series I haven’t read yet, so I’ll be glad to check them up!

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