[Anime] Umineko no Naku Koro ni

image In the beginning of the series, we see that the Ushiromiyas are heading towards a secluded island for some sort of “reunion”. Not quite a happy one, I’m afraid. You see, the current head of Ushimiya family doesn’t have much longer to live and as one would have expect from prestigious, rich family such as this, there are bound to be battles for the fortune amassed throughout the years. In this case, it’s taking a turn for the worse…a freakish one as the table turned…

The old man is known to be quite eccentric and have odd hobbies. He’s into dark arts, occults, and such. It is said that the head of Ushimiya family summoned Beatrice long ago when the family business took turn for the worse. In exchange for his soul, Beatrice gave him gold and with that, the family business started to thrive and today, as he’s about to leave the world, his heirs fought for his fortune. When told of the legend of Beatrice, the Ushimiya heirs brush it off as just a bedtime story, that is, until Beatrice communicated with them in the form of letter via young Maria Ushimiya. At first, they questioned the authenticity of the letter but upon seeing the Ushimiya family seal and the fact that there’s no way that a nine-year-old could concoct such a letter they began to think. Did they finally acknowledge the existence of Beatrice the witch? Oh no they didn’t and instead they began to suspect each other as Beatrice impersonator but then strange things began to happen. Five members of the Ushimiya family and a servant were found dead in the shed (or storeroom?) and as if taking their lives weren’t enough, their faces were badly disfigured. Oh the horror! To top it all off, even if the surviving ones want to leave the island, the bad stormy weather wouldn’t permit them. The only thing that they can do now is to play the game whereby whoever who found the so-called Ushimiya gold (treasure), he/she gets to keep it and Beatrice will leave. And so, the deadly game begins…

The art’s great, the story’s great…in short, it’s a good read! Love the suspense and the sometimes creepy atmosphere.

In essence, so far, so good…that’s all I can say for now and lets hope it continues to stay that way.

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