Bleach Episode 228

This filler episode has to be the most hilarious one of all…if only all filler episodes were as funny as this one…

The shinigami’s women division decided to head over to the beach after failure in building a swimming pool at Byakuya’s backyard (secretly but somehow got found out by Byakuya who subsequently destroyed it with his senbonzakura…lol) and for some reason, Byakuya and the rest of male shinigamis tagged along. Hilarities ensue…

The swimming pool being blown up by Byakuya's Senbonzakura

Toshirou the “ice king”

It is only natural that Toshirou the wielder of Hyourinmaru to dislike the sunlight.


Sand castle building competition?

The captains decided to hold a competition – building something out of sand and the most creative one will win a prize from the Captain Commander himself…

Ichigo, Renji, and Ikkaku dive in to see who can go through the "gate" the fastest Byakuya and his masterpiece

As Captain Unohana noted, Byakuya and Rukia are very much alike…

Captain Ukitake’s “funeral”

It is known that Captain Ukitake is frail and is not in his best of health but he tagged along to the beach anyways. Just when he decided to nap, his subordinates tried to be of help by shielding him from harm…they meant well but it all end up with a hilarious outcome.

His subordinate (don’t exactly remember his name) built a sand wall around him as some sort of shield against the salty breeze and on top of that he scattered flowers around him so as to block the sunlight. With the intention of helping Ukitake nap in peace, incense were also lit in front of him. As if I haven’t laugh enough, Inoue laid all the food (lunch) in front of the spot where Ukitake was napping peacefully.

Lets see, sand wall shaped like a coffin, flowers scattered in it, incense lit, “offerings” (food) – it all adds up to funeral…hahahaha. Of course, Ukitake is very much alive. LOL.
 Ukitake's "funeral"


For me, the most memorable moment in this episode has to be Captain Ukitake’s “funeral” hands down. Wouldn’t it be awesome if every filler episode is as hilarious as this one? Can’t wait for the next one…


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